Saturday, April 25, 2015

A Few Garden Photos

  all photos will enlarge-just click on them for better viewing

Clematis now in bloom-these only bloom once in the spring-I have one at each end of the house

  My friend from Wisconsin brought me starts for the orange hummingbird plant. I don't know what their real name is but always loved mine when living in Illinois. They have large orange trumpet flowers that the hummingbirds love.

I bought one rhubarb plant last year and did not look very good by end of growing season, but this year it grew this large flower stem which I think is a good thing as it will bring seeds I believe for new plants. Behind the rhubarb is our shallots that Larry's Grandpa brought back from Israel many years ago.

My friend had enough compost to share a small load with me-happy dancin, I have some areas in my garden that still need built up  

One of my raised beds up near the house-lots of oriental greens, lettuce, kale, radishes, collards etc.

Wisteria coming alive

My jug greenhouses are doing well

wow a surprise this flower survived the winter

My lemon balm did really well last year and produced several new plants-love this plant

On a sad note for me Sir John and Isabelle have flown off-sigh. Sir John has had major defending his territory events here in the last couple of days, and last night a predator must have gotten Isabelle off her nest and took all of  her eggs.
     Larry is thinking coyote as there is no trace of her eggs and a racoon would have broken them. Must have been the last draw for Sir John, 
    I did get to see them fly off after they had eaten allot of corn at the feeder-really saddened by this-but hoping they find a safer place to nest.

Evening Update: wow I looked out the window and there eating corn was Sir John and Isabelle-what an interesting day today-


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