Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Couple Photos from my Craft Room

Thought I would share a few photos this morning.

 First photo is a partial look at the completed backing-queen size of 4 inch squares all sewn together. 
      The next is a big stack of homespuns, shirtings, and outdoor prints all pressed and now ready to cut up for the Turning 20 pattern blocks. I will have enough to make a couple quilts. I have one more gift quilt to make-for our friend that is here now a surprise of course and then the one or two for us-I want to get these embroidered blocks finished and into quilts.
 The next photos are of the embroidered blocks-my Mom had started these for me and I am finishing them up. 
    When you look at the homespuns can you see what I mean-they are just tooooo white for me-those will get dyed with onion skins or tea-coffee dyed.

Next up is my recent raw wool purchases. I am very happy with this lovely grey merino wool that I found on ebay Most of this is actually a very soft grey.
   The next bag is of the rare breed ronaldsay which I purchased on etsy from England. I love this seller she is also on Ravelry

Next is a photo of one of my recent trades. I love my friend Barbara's creations. I traded several items I had made for one of her spirit dolls-she hangs on the side of one of my steamer trunks so I can see her when I walk into my room I am naming her after my hometown's namesake for a native american princess-Princess Mishawaka

And a photo of Sir John guarding Isabelle who sits on a small island in a pond-in the direction he is facing. 
  Two  mornings ago I woke up to loud honking noises around 6 am. I later learned that our friend caught the entire event as he was up early and enjoying a morning walk. A flock of Canada Geese decided they were going to land here on our ponds-nope says Sir John-he flew up and I guess told them this was his place now no room for You All-They left-quite the guardian Sir John is.

All photos will  enlarge


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