Thursday, March 26, 2015

Yellow Angel Food Cake for the Guy's Lunch and Sir John and Isabelle ("Izzy") are Back

  Our friend and also now Larry's apprentice has been bringing me fresh eggs; so I decided since this morning was quite chilly I would make my Grandma's recipe for one of our favorites-her Yellow Angel Food Cake or I have recently learned some call this a hummingbird cake. Either way fresh eggs are just the best. This one uses both the yolks and the whites and both are beaten up well seperatly.

  So the guy's cake came out of the oven just in time for their lunch. I put together a big bowl of fruits I found in our freezer to go with the cake along with a little whipped cream.
     I then made me a gluten free version, using different gf flours this time and mine turned out quite well.

  The other day when I was working in my little garden I discovered Sir John and Izzy swimming in the little pond just behind my garden. I knew it must me them as they were also found looking for corn in the spots I always put it. Their 3 offspring are not with them though-is that normal for Canada Geese-that they would split up now?

   Today just now they are together on the side of my little garden-the space I want to work up as an herb area.
   Here are a few photos. (click to enlarge)

I learned my lesson last year and won't get too close when taking photos. So glad they returned "home"

Lots of t storms here the last two days, but we missed all the hail-thank goodness, that fell all around us both days. The tornadoes were further south in Missouri than where I live. A couple chilly days ahead, just brought in some firewood as we will need heat in the evenings and mornings for a few days now.

I made around my craft room and am up to my big oak desk. So I need a day to clean that up really well and see what I can dispose of that is under my desk-I know I have stuff everywhere lol  Making good progress getting things organized and found again so am happy about that.

I signed up for a class at our yearly summer event in Lebanon, Mo at Fiber U. They have lots of vendors and classes on spinning, weaving, and other topics. I got the class I wanted to take-spindles of the world. He will teach us how to use 3 spindles the navajo, tibetan, and russian spindles. I own the navajo spindle and have not mastered that yet, and at the end of the class we get to choose a spindle to keep-so thought that sounded wonderful and worth the cost of the class. It is a 4 hour class, so am excited.
    While working in my craft room, I found the big shuttles for making rag rugs-can't remember if hubby found these at a garage sale or if they came with my rug loom, but there are 2 ready to use, and 2 that needed repairs, so I bought the oak dowel rods I needed to fix these. 
     I also found some shuttles that use bobbins in them-they are really nice and I have not used these yet, another garage sale find by hubby, and will be perfect for my big loom.
        I also uncovered my little 8" loom-yep garage sale find-and am anxious to finally try this one out. It needs a good clean, everything seems to be working, and I think I even own a small stick shuttle-saori weaving perhaps??  Looking for more information on this loom I discovered a yahoo group just for this loom-have met some nice people already and two I can meet up with at Fiber U this summer.

    I am almost finished with the 5 gallon bucket of navajo churro I have been working on-getting it ready to wash. By this coming Monday I will need to devote my time to cleaning up my house-needs a good clean after winter, but also we have several out of state guests coming in to visit. So will be a fun time. Turkey hunting season starts up too-so hope to be busy canning turkey stock in quarts and enjoying turkey breast on the grill.

   My heart goes out to the families that lost their loved ones in the plane crash-which is even harder to bare now since it was deliberate-this is so sad.



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