Friday, March 20, 2015

Welcome in Spring & Spring Cleaning Update

  Here where I live Spring officially arrives early evening today-and I am sooo ready for Spring this year. We are to have glorious 70's starting tomorrow lasting til Wednesday. and a few in the world will get to see a total or partial sun eclipse today.

   With warmer temps arriving in the evenings too I think I will be able to start some tender annuals in those mini greenhouses, and plant a few seeds. We were pretty cold this past week so decided not to plant yet.

   A little progress in my craft room. I decided to work on one wall where I have several vintage steamer trunks, and pull them away from the wall for cleaning-and totally rearrange that wall for more space. Quite the job but I did it yesterday. 
     Still too much stuff for the space-but better, and at least organized better-lol I needed to pile up bags of raw fleece that I have been working on getting ready to wash on top of two trunks that hold all the wool fabric-so the wool is all pretty much in one area now. 
     I was quite surprised how much my stored navajo churro wool that was crammed tight into buckets has expanded 3 fold after teasing out the dried grasses getting ready to wash and then spin.
    I had brought down a table that my Mom had made for her sewing machine last time I was visiting Indiana, so made enough room to set that up in front of one of the windows. I will be able to use this area for sewing or will make a nice spot for using my new blending board for wool rolags and also carding, and this window faces one of our ponds and our pretty mimosa tree.
     So today I am up to that corner by the table and the back wall-mostly cleaning and seeing if there are more things that I can destash or at least get out of the house, and into an outside building I have. I have a huge amount of vintage tins that came out of this room yesterday.
   So today I need to clean some things I didn't get to yesterday-like wipe down that oak chair of dust and a couple other things in that area from yesterday.

   When one is a creative person we just collect supplies and tools, and since I have more than one fiber interest it just really multiplies- that's my reasoning anyway-lol Here are a few photos-of the total chaos after moving things out so I could clean and re arrange.

    and a few photos of the organized chaos lol (all photos will enlarge)

 This area is just to the right of the door coming in-
 On top are bags of fibers ready to weave-that I have collected over the years. Plus vintage tins of handmade atc and fabric postcard swaps.  The painting in the middle is from my friend Agnes in Paris from Multiply, and the pretty quilted piece is from a swap I made with friend Jilly. Just behind the stack of buckets (navajo churro wool) to the left is a cross stitch of sheep that my neighbor made for me.

This photo is the floor space under the first photo. Larry gave me the idea to put my two steamer trunks with drawers back to back-and that gave me lots more space. The drawers are filled with more fiber for weaving and with wool fabric. Those tins are all vintagae buttons. I had been collecting small frames to make needle felted fiber art pieces to sell-but have not gotten back to that-those are in that blue steamer trunk too.
       To the right corner is an old wooden wine box that I use for speciality threads and that sits on top of a green cabinet with lots of little drawers filled with more vintage buttons. I also have boxes of vintage wooden spools. 
    I had found my late sister's and my camp fire girls vests and dress with all those beads and badges we had earned ages ago. I decided to remove all the beads and discard the rest and use the beads in a weaving piece. 
     Underneath all those bags of raw wool ready for spinning are two vintage trunks also back to back filled with wool fabric.   so like I mentioned still chaos but  organized better.

 This photo is looking down the wall and I just added the top two closeups. . My Toni doll and some other family momentos on top of the two steamer trunks. The basket with the photos is of me and my father probably in my college years, and one of my paternal grandparents. That little dog she kept on the back of her couch-and is in the photo-this is the only item I have from her besides a bag of fabrics from years ago perhaps 30s or 40s.
   The next photo is an area that still needs some cleaning-the little loom, chair and table need a good clean today. But from this photo you can see my other trunk which is mostly filled with vintage sewing supplies, also a couple drawers of wool fabric I picked up in yardage.
   Under this table is my Mom's sewing machine, my Grandma's sewing machine, and a big box of leather making tools.-Yep on the other side of this room is a huge huge trunk full of leather-told ya allot of supplies and tools in this creative room 
    Oh and you can just see it-I inherited my Grandma's little piece of furniture that folds out accordion style on both sides-and that is filled with my bead collection. It is now in a spot where I can actually get to it easier. Soon I will be making my wool crazy purse that I have collected beads and buttons for.

Today's project is to finish cleaning up the table area, and go through some things on the back wall, I have some weaving tools in boxes, and my vintage sears hand quilting frame which needs a better location-some where lol

  I will have to say this room offers up allot of memories-my sewing supplies are from my things in the '60s when I made all my clothes back then,  I inherited a few things from sewing rooms of my late Sister, both of my Grandmas, and my Mom's. Most of my weaving spinning supplies date back from the late 70s.

     I guess some of my life history is in this room-makes me smile and remember.

Have an awesome weekend everyone-and those of you with all that snow-I just know spring will be arriving soon for you too.


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