Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sunshine-Finally- and a Melting of the Snow and Ice

  This afternoon although we are just 30 degrees we finally have sunshine-so lots of melting happening here-loving that for sure. The sun has been quite scarce here this winter-unusual for this area.

  I finally had a day where I could play with my raw wool.I finished up with the grey churro wool that I was teezing out (getting rid of dried plant material) and just found in my trunk another very full bag-I am loving the color so liking that.

   I also went through the raw wool I had traded for last year-and teezed out all the very long locks of wool-this is beautiful wool, and there was some white wool in the bag too so that is ready to wash as well.
      Both of these bags-my churrro and the traded for wool had allot of waste that just was not useable for spinning-so I am setting that out near some trees-in hopes that the wild critters and the birds will like it for their nests.

   Next up is to go through the found bag of churro - and am hoping the wool wash arrives soon that I ordered last week. I had read that Dawn works well except that you need to use lots of it, and creates loads of suds that needs to be washed out-and I didn't like the idea that boiling hot water needed to be used.      When I read a review on Unicorn Fibre Care and rinse, these products sounded so much better, good for the enviroment and less expensive in the end.
     I have not washed my raw wool before spinning -but since i have so much of it decided I would now wash it before getting it ready to spin-will be kinder on my spinning wheel in the end too
    What is left in my trunk is that huge bag of angora goat fleece-it is a beautiful white-very white with long curly locks so will do some research on how best to process it.

     I still have that 2 pounds of raw alpaca I bought last fall that needs a wash, and those six 5 gallon buckets of churro, and also just ordered -2 pounds of Rambouillet white wool on the way-so I think I am set for a bit with spinning fibers lol.

   I do still have a little commerical roving left in different colors that I can use to play with on my new blending board. 
      I also am ready to set up my Lazy Kate for plying. I was having trouble with all of my bobbins except one-they were so tight that they would not spin-so hubby worked on fixing that issue-so hoping this weekend to try out the plying for the first time.

   By the weekend and looks like most of next week we will have spring temps-from the 50s to the 60s, lows in the 30s-will feel like a heat wave for sure. 

   Spring is just around the corner I'm a thinking


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