Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Spring Has Been Visiting Us

   I think we have turned the corner towards Spring.

      Isn't that so wonderful especially after a cold-long winter. Now the days in winter are always pretty much the same year after year-but some winters just seem longer and this has been one of them.

   We have thick mud everywhere, many song birds are arriving, the deer are visiting in large groups now-which they will until the fawns arrive, and seeing a little more green peeking out now too. This morning very thick heavy fog-which always tells me either spring is near or later in the year fall. I will be assured that Spring has arrived to stay once I hear the peepers in the ponds and my favorite song from the whipporwill.

    Of course I am thinking of gardening-which my mini garden space is now totally covered either with weeds or oats coming up from the straw, and I also seem to get lots of weeds from the compost I buy too. It's too early to get out and start turning the soil over with my spade-too wet-but I am thinking this weekend-or earlier-I will plant one of my raised beds with greens that can handle a little cool weather at night-like spinach, swiss chard and such. I  may plant a big tub with peas too. 
     We have been just above freezing now at night but we could still see another freeze before Mid April. I am holding back on planting more little greenhouses with plastic bottles with tender annuals til the end of the month, or first week in April. Here are a couple I made and planted earlier-seeds that could handle colder temps
     After this warmer week I am hoping to see something growing in these lol

   I received the Japanese Indigo seeds from Mona in Denmark-so am excited to start those too.

   I am still working destashing my creativity room-I found a group on Facebook for selling sewing items-and ended up selling allot of thread-I went crazy one year and bought lots of varigated quilting threads-decided too much money sitting in a drawer when I could use it to buy more wool to spin with lol   Having trouble finding homes for fabric-so may just put some over in my Etsy shop. Quilters let me know if you are looking for particular colors-I have lots of small cuts.

   I have been working with lots of unwashed wool this past week-getting the dried grass etc out of the wool so I can wash it. I have lots finished, am now working on churro wool that has been stored in cotton bags placed in those buckets-and wow I am so happy as I am into the quality area of the fleece and it is so gorgeous. I had been working with the coarse area of the fleece.
      I also browsed on Etsy for wool sellers and found one in the UK that sells fleece from very rare breeds which I was happy to find. Have one ordered-can you tell I am really hooked on wool? It makes me happy so this is a good thing.
    Has Spring shown itself where you live? What are you anxious to do now that warm weather is arriving?


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