Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I Think I am Overwhelmed with my Craft Room

   I have been working on destashing lots of quilt fabric this past week-if interested please go check out my etsy shop. Allot of it was my Mom's and those are in bundles at a really really good bargain-she only purchased quality quilt store fabric.
   I also have loads of stretch and sew patterns of Mom's that  I would be happy to pass along if you pay the postage-

   Today I thought I would tackle my wool fabric stash. This was allot of fun to hunt down in the resale shops-but was also a bit of work too-I took all the garments apart at the seams washed them in hot water with a cold rinse to get them felted down and I ran a hot dryer on them too-they are soft and wonderful. I was gathering these wool pieces for hooking and applique projects. 
   Geesh am I the only one that just keeps buying with no clue what I already have?? It is total craziness and I am now totally overwhelmed with it all. I had big boxes full, two steamer trunks full and a couple drawers in steamer trunks full. I had also felted down some sweaters too for making mittens, or some can be used in applique work. Really how many mittens do I need to make? lol

   Just too much-I was able to get it all down to two steamer trunks full and 1 drawer. I do still have yardage of wool that are in drawers too so didn't count those.
   I ended up with a big box full that I am going to seperate out into bundles and list them in my Etsy shop-or drop me an email if interested before I list. Like I mentioned if you like quilting with wool appliques these work well and for cutting strips for rug hooking. wool in my opinion is just too expensive to purchase in quilt shops and they don't always tell you this, but most of the big brand names like Moda are not 100% wool at those prices. I only purchased clothing that was 100% wool-this way you can dye with no worries if you wish too.
    If these end up selling, I will work on getting my wool fabrics down to one steamer trunk instead of two.

   My room is now in a bigger mess then it was before-but time to quit for today and close the door. My room is really small for everything I have in there, and soon we will have allot of company down in April-so gotta empty the living room of all my spinning wools etc. I told ya craziness!!

   I need to find floor space in my room somehow-somewhere. 

  Are you making a StPatrick's day meal today?? I always do cause we love corned beef and cabbage so a good excuse to make it-lol   



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