Sunday, March 29, 2015

I have fabrics, Soap, and More that Must Go-will trade or ask for postage to you

I am to the point, if there is an interest I will either swap or just ask for postage money. I have several items that need homes-now-lol I have pretty much gone through  my craft room now-just one small space to clean up and go through.

If you go to my Etsy shop, (this link will take you to my supplies section) all the scrap bags that I put together of quilting-sewing fabrics are game for this swap-just visit and let me know what you are interested in. The yardage I will hold out on for now as I would like some money back for those items. I also have wool that needs homes-I have a big box of reclaimed wool that just did not fit into the space I devoted to wool fabric-so want that gone too. lol
  If I take things like this to the resale shops it is basicly like throwing them away as I rarely get any money out if it-so before I do that would rather share with my readers.
     I also have a package of clear stamps that have never been used, printed fabric for needle punch, also; I have two brand new punch needles. those are in my etsy shop in supplies-or click on above link.
   Not listed is several smaller cuts of bright colors in geometric design-if interested let me know and I can take a photo for you.
    I also have pre made soaps that I would like to find homes for-several bars of children soaps too-again swap for something you make, or beads, handspun, spinning fibers just ask me. 
   I also have stacks of stretch and sew patterns that were my Moms that need homes. I have tried selling these on ebay and etsy and have only found homes for a few-none of the patterns have been cut into.  I still have some regular patterns that are very old that the tissue patterns work great in mixed media, and paper making.
   I also have two big boxes of milky way soap molds-mostly used for melt and pour-but with care of temperatures can be used with cold or hot process making of soap too. I will sell these at half of what I paid for plus shipping which is around $4.00 each plus shipping-a better deal if you buy several-most have only been used a few times or once, or not at all.
    I also just found a brand new unused quilt pounce-a box with chalk to mark you quilt for quilting. there is also a bag of iron off chalk too would love to find a home for this item as well

    if interested please just message me-


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