Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Destashing of Fabrics Begins Today --Check Back as I will add more fabrics on this post through out the day -Mitch a few birds in the snow

  The last two days we had warm enough temps to melt just about everything off-this morning however winter has arrived again-so it started out as sleet and now the snow is coming down heavy. I guess we are to get up to 3-5" which is not all that bad-south of us though is getting a major winter event. 
     So at daybreak, I fed all the wildlife critters early, and then brought up more dry wood for the woodstoves.  Now I can just be indoors and enjoy the beauty of it all here in the woods-which always looks like a winter wonderland.

  I decided to begin destashing fabrics today. I still have many nice pieces so will offer bundles of fabrics here first before I post in my Etsy shop.  I would like to give my readers first chance as I know many of you are quilters and sewers.
     Just contact me if interested-and I will set up a custom listing on Etsy-mostly because I can keep the shipping price more affordable there.

NOW SOLD This is a set of 8 fat quarters from Clothworks 

The next bundle of fabrics I just loved. We had a small quilt shop open up nearby and she was going down more south of us to a wholesaler who was selling to shops quality quilt fabrics but at reduced prices as they were mostly from previous years collections. Was a good place to shop for quality but at more affordable prices.
     I bought a cut of each on one visit, and then I decided to go back and buy more fabric to make sure I had enough. So each colorway has two cuts of yardage.
     The piece with the pretty flower print is two pieces 3 yards each and 40" wide. On the border it says Sherbert by the Buggy Barn for Henry Glass & Co pattern1639. One piece got really squished so it needs a good press or washed first (I always wash my fabrics before sewing with them)
     The next piece has no borders with information it matches perfectly with the other piece, and has a wonderful "hand" to it. Both of these pieces in this bundle are high quality fabric-not lower end fabrics. The two cuts for this color was one piece 3 yards and with no borders I would say 41" or 42" wide. The second cut was 2 yards.

     So the total yardage of these 4 pieces is 11 yards. I would like to sell all together if possible. I paid $8.00 a yard at the time. Will sell for $6.00 a yard
      total price then would be $66.00 plus shipping. I like to use regional rate boxes which are priority but a big savings in shipping costs-I would need your zip code to calculate.

(click on any photo to enlarge)

THE NEXT piece of fabric is Sweet Pea by Red Rooster, a 2 yard cut by 40" wide. Another quality piece of fabric with a good "hand". Actually I mostly only purchase quality fabrics from quilt shops.
     I am selling this piece for $15.00 which will include free shipping before I post on Etsy.

NEXT BUNDLE is a really sweet grouping of fabrics. Back in 2010 I was in an international swap where we were to exchange fabrics that represented where we live or our heritage. I had just been back to Indiana-Amish country-so I bought several fat quarters and more so my partner could make a small quilt or table topper.
      What I received in return were fabrics from France where she lived at the time and also from her Dutch background-so all these fabrics came from two countries. Most are small scrap type pieces but plenty big enough for quilting, there was also a couple of pretty fat quarters and a little bag of her own covered buttons and trims.  I remember she had sent some chocolate and herb tea that were all from cottage farms.  Getting out of quilting I know I just won't use these pretty pieces so would like to pass these on to someone that will make something with these.
     The price is $20.00 with free shipping. The price reflects around what I had invested in this swap-minus the shipping fees

NEXT  I love the following pieces, am only selling these because I am seriously destashing my quilt supplies.
     This is named Nature's Blooms I love the textures in this piece; could be used in so many ways-landscape quilting etc.
     I have 3 yards x 40"  selling for $21.00 plus shipping-so I need your zip code to figure cost. This is another high quality piece of fabric.

NEXT  Canopy Tour by Paintbrush Studio #65 I just love the yellow birds all over this piece. as an option I think this would be beautiful fussy cut.
      I have 2 yards 16.5 Inches x40" Selling for $15.00 plus shipping-again need your zip code for shipping charges. I purchased the above, and this one and the next one at a quality quilt shop.

NEXT  Traditions by Paintbrush Studio # 672 I bought this piece as a texture fabric. I have 1 yard 10" x40" Selling for $7.50 plus shipping

NEXT  I have two cuts of this pretty print measuring each 1 yard 8.5"  A few years ago instead of taking Greyhound to visit my Mom, my neighbor and I drove up together. In the area that my Mom was living at the time, although very rural-farmland, it was loaded with awesome quilt shops in all directions. 
    I remember we stopped at a 5 and dime type store that looked like it had been there since the '50s or earlier, and in one area they were selling all precuts of fabrics. I picked up these pieces because the blues blended in perfectly with some of my 1800's reproduction pieces. Since they were not marked I decided not to use them for that.
     This is really nice material but not the same weight and hand as quality quilt store fabric. I am thinking these were moda or marcus just not the first run.
      I am selling each piece for $6.00 plus shipping

      Stay tuned as I list more fabrics tomorrow.

and for Mitch-it just started snowing lightly again here, and since I put out cracked corn early-the birds are loving it-a flicker landed on the stump but by the time I grabbed my camera he flew off again-sigh.

and the deer have just arrived, but they are way out by the tree line right now.

all photos will enlarge just click on them


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