Sunday, March 29, 2015

I have fabrics, Soap, and More that Must Go-will trade or ask for postage to you

I am to the point, if there is an interest I will either swap or just ask for postage money. I have several items that need homes-now-lol I have pretty much gone through  my craft room now-just one small space to clean up and go through.

If you go to my Etsy shop, (this link will take you to my supplies section) all the scrap bags that I put together of quilting-sewing fabrics are game for this swap-just visit and let me know what you are interested in. The yardage I will hold out on for now as I would like some money back for those items. I also have wool that needs homes-I have a big box of reclaimed wool that just did not fit into the space I devoted to wool fabric-so want that gone too. lol
  If I take things like this to the resale shops it is basicly like throwing them away as I rarely get any money out if it-so before I do that would rather share with my readers.
     I also have a package of clear stamps that have never been used, printed fabric for needle punch, also; I have two brand new punch needles. those are in my etsy shop in supplies-or click on above link.
   Not listed is several smaller cuts of bright colors in geometric design-if interested let me know and I can take a photo for you.
    I also have pre made soaps that I would like to find homes for-several bars of children soaps too-again swap for something you make, or beads, handspun, spinning fibers just ask me. 
   I also have stacks of stretch and sew patterns that were my Moms that need homes. I have tried selling these on ebay and etsy and have only found homes for a few-none of the patterns have been cut into.  I still have some regular patterns that are very old that the tissue patterns work great in mixed media, and paper making.
   I also have two big boxes of milky way soap molds-mostly used for melt and pour-but with care of temperatures can be used with cold or hot process making of soap too. I will sell these at half of what I paid for plus shipping which is around $4.00 each plus shipping-a better deal if you buy several-most have only been used a few times or once, or not at all.
    I also just found a brand new unused quilt pounce-a box with chalk to mark you quilt for quilting. there is also a bag of iron off chalk too would love to find a home for this item as well

    if interested please just message me-

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Yellow Angel Food Cake for the Guy's Lunch and Sir John and Isabelle ("Izzy") are Back

  Our friend and also now Larry's apprentice has been bringing me fresh eggs; so I decided since this morning was quite chilly I would make my Grandma's recipe for one of our favorites-her Yellow Angel Food Cake or I have recently learned some call this a hummingbird cake. Either way fresh eggs are just the best. This one uses both the yolks and the whites and both are beaten up well seperatly.

  So the guy's cake came out of the oven just in time for their lunch. I put together a big bowl of fruits I found in our freezer to go with the cake along with a little whipped cream.
     I then made me a gluten free version, using different gf flours this time and mine turned out quite well.

  The other day when I was working in my little garden I discovered Sir John and Izzy swimming in the little pond just behind my garden. I knew it must me them as they were also found looking for corn in the spots I always put it. Their 3 offspring are not with them though-is that normal for Canada Geese-that they would split up now?

   Today just now they are together on the side of my little garden-the space I want to work up as an herb area.
   Here are a few photos. (click to enlarge)

I learned my lesson last year and won't get too close when taking photos. So glad they returned "home"

Lots of t storms here the last two days, but we missed all the hail-thank goodness, that fell all around us both days. The tornadoes were further south in Missouri than where I live. A couple chilly days ahead, just brought in some firewood as we will need heat in the evenings and mornings for a few days now.

I made around my craft room and am up to my big oak desk. So I need a day to clean that up really well and see what I can dispose of that is under my desk-I know I have stuff everywhere lol  Making good progress getting things organized and found again so am happy about that.

I signed up for a class at our yearly summer event in Lebanon, Mo at Fiber U. They have lots of vendors and classes on spinning, weaving, and other topics. I got the class I wanted to take-spindles of the world. He will teach us how to use 3 spindles the navajo, tibetan, and russian spindles. I own the navajo spindle and have not mastered that yet, and at the end of the class we get to choose a spindle to keep-so thought that sounded wonderful and worth the cost of the class. It is a 4 hour class, so am excited.
    While working in my craft room, I found the big shuttles for making rag rugs-can't remember if hubby found these at a garage sale or if they came with my rug loom, but there are 2 ready to use, and 2 that needed repairs, so I bought the oak dowel rods I needed to fix these. 
     I also found some shuttles that use bobbins in them-they are really nice and I have not used these yet, another garage sale find by hubby, and will be perfect for my big loom.
        I also uncovered my little 8" loom-yep garage sale find-and am anxious to finally try this one out. It needs a good clean, everything seems to be working, and I think I even own a small stick shuttle-saori weaving perhaps??  Looking for more information on this loom I discovered a yahoo group just for this loom-have met some nice people already and two I can meet up with at Fiber U this summer.

    I am almost finished with the 5 gallon bucket of navajo churro I have been working on-getting it ready to wash. By this coming Monday I will need to devote my time to cleaning up my house-needs a good clean after winter, but also we have several out of state guests coming in to visit. So will be a fun time. Turkey hunting season starts up too-so hope to be busy canning turkey stock in quarts and enjoying turkey breast on the grill.

   My heart goes out to the families that lost their loved ones in the plane crash-which is even harder to bare now since it was deliberate-this is so sad.


Friday, March 20, 2015

Welcome in Spring & Spring Cleaning Update

  Here where I live Spring officially arrives early evening today-and I am sooo ready for Spring this year. We are to have glorious 70's starting tomorrow lasting til Wednesday. and a few in the world will get to see a total or partial sun eclipse today.

   With warmer temps arriving in the evenings too I think I will be able to start some tender annuals in those mini greenhouses, and plant a few seeds. We were pretty cold this past week so decided not to plant yet.

   A little progress in my craft room. I decided to work on one wall where I have several vintage steamer trunks, and pull them away from the wall for cleaning-and totally rearrange that wall for more space. Quite the job but I did it yesterday. 
     Still too much stuff for the space-but better, and at least organized better-lol I needed to pile up bags of raw fleece that I have been working on getting ready to wash on top of two trunks that hold all the wool fabric-so the wool is all pretty much in one area now. 
     I was quite surprised how much my stored navajo churro wool that was crammed tight into buckets has expanded 3 fold after teasing out the dried grasses getting ready to wash and then spin.
    I had brought down a table that my Mom had made for her sewing machine last time I was visiting Indiana, so made enough room to set that up in front of one of the windows. I will be able to use this area for sewing or will make a nice spot for using my new blending board for wool rolags and also carding, and this window faces one of our ponds and our pretty mimosa tree.
     So today I am up to that corner by the table and the back wall-mostly cleaning and seeing if there are more things that I can destash or at least get out of the house, and into an outside building I have. I have a huge amount of vintage tins that came out of this room yesterday.
   So today I need to clean some things I didn't get to yesterday-like wipe down that oak chair of dust and a couple other things in that area from yesterday.

   When one is a creative person we just collect supplies and tools, and since I have more than one fiber interest it just really multiplies- that's my reasoning anyway-lol Here are a few photos-of the total chaos after moving things out so I could clean and re arrange.

    and a few photos of the organized chaos lol (all photos will enlarge)

 This area is just to the right of the door coming in-
 On top are bags of fibers ready to weave-that I have collected over the years. Plus vintage tins of handmade atc and fabric postcard swaps.  The painting in the middle is from my friend Agnes in Paris from Multiply, and the pretty quilted piece is from a swap I made with friend Jilly. Just behind the stack of buckets (navajo churro wool) to the left is a cross stitch of sheep that my neighbor made for me.

This photo is the floor space under the first photo. Larry gave me the idea to put my two steamer trunks with drawers back to back-and that gave me lots more space. The drawers are filled with more fiber for weaving and with wool fabric. Those tins are all vintagae buttons. I had been collecting small frames to make needle felted fiber art pieces to sell-but have not gotten back to that-those are in that blue steamer trunk too.
       To the right corner is an old wooden wine box that I use for speciality threads and that sits on top of a green cabinet with lots of little drawers filled with more vintage buttons. I also have boxes of vintage wooden spools. 
    I had found my late sister's and my camp fire girls vests and dress with all those beads and badges we had earned ages ago. I decided to remove all the beads and discard the rest and use the beads in a weaving piece. 
     Underneath all those bags of raw wool ready for spinning are two vintage trunks also back to back filled with wool fabric.   so like I mentioned still chaos but  organized better.

 This photo is looking down the wall and I just added the top two closeups. . My Toni doll and some other family momentos on top of the two steamer trunks. The basket with the photos is of me and my father probably in my college years, and one of my paternal grandparents. That little dog she kept on the back of her couch-and is in the photo-this is the only item I have from her besides a bag of fabrics from years ago perhaps 30s or 40s.
   The next photo is an area that still needs some cleaning-the little loom, chair and table need a good clean today. But from this photo you can see my other trunk which is mostly filled with vintage sewing supplies, also a couple drawers of wool fabric I picked up in yardage.
   Under this table is my Mom's sewing machine, my Grandma's sewing machine, and a big box of leather making tools.-Yep on the other side of this room is a huge huge trunk full of leather-told ya allot of supplies and tools in this creative room 
    Oh and you can just see it-I inherited my Grandma's little piece of furniture that folds out accordion style on both sides-and that is filled with my bead collection. It is now in a spot where I can actually get to it easier. Soon I will be making my wool crazy purse that I have collected beads and buttons for.

Today's project is to finish cleaning up the table area, and go through some things on the back wall, I have some weaving tools in boxes, and my vintage sears hand quilting frame which needs a better location-some where lol

  I will have to say this room offers up allot of memories-my sewing supplies are from my things in the '60s when I made all my clothes back then,  I inherited a few things from sewing rooms of my late Sister, both of my Grandmas, and my Mom's. Most of my weaving spinning supplies date back from the late 70s.

     I guess some of my life history is in this room-makes me smile and remember.

Have an awesome weekend everyone-and those of you with all that snow-I just know spring will be arriving soon for you too.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I Think I am Overwhelmed with my Craft Room

   I have been working on destashing lots of quilt fabric this past week-if interested please go check out my etsy shop. Allot of it was my Mom's and those are in bundles at a really really good bargain-she only purchased quality quilt store fabric.
   I also have loads of stretch and sew patterns of Mom's that  I would be happy to pass along if you pay the postage-

   Today I thought I would tackle my wool fabric stash. This was allot of fun to hunt down in the resale shops-but was also a bit of work too-I took all the garments apart at the seams washed them in hot water with a cold rinse to get them felted down and I ran a hot dryer on them too-they are soft and wonderful. I was gathering these wool pieces for hooking and applique projects. 
   Geesh am I the only one that just keeps buying with no clue what I already have?? It is total craziness and I am now totally overwhelmed with it all. I had big boxes full, two steamer trunks full and a couple drawers in steamer trunks full. I had also felted down some sweaters too for making mittens, or some can be used in applique work. Really how many mittens do I need to make? lol

   Just too much-I was able to get it all down to two steamer trunks full and 1 drawer. I do still have yardage of wool that are in drawers too so didn't count those.
   I ended up with a big box full that I am going to seperate out into bundles and list them in my Etsy shop-or drop me an email if interested before I list. Like I mentioned if you like quilting with wool appliques these work well and for cutting strips for rug hooking. wool in my opinion is just too expensive to purchase in quilt shops and they don't always tell you this, but most of the big brand names like Moda are not 100% wool at those prices. I only purchased clothing that was 100% wool-this way you can dye with no worries if you wish too.
    If these end up selling, I will work on getting my wool fabrics down to one steamer trunk instead of two.

   My room is now in a bigger mess then it was before-but time to quit for today and close the door. My room is really small for everything I have in there, and soon we will have allot of company down in April-so gotta empty the living room of all my spinning wools etc. I told ya craziness!!

   I need to find floor space in my room somehow-somewhere. 

  Are you making a StPatrick's day meal today?? I always do cause we love corned beef and cabbage so a good excuse to make it-lol   


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Spring Has Been Visiting Us

   I think we have turned the corner towards Spring.

      Isn't that so wonderful especially after a cold-long winter. Now the days in winter are always pretty much the same year after year-but some winters just seem longer and this has been one of them.

   We have thick mud everywhere, many song birds are arriving, the deer are visiting in large groups now-which they will until the fawns arrive, and seeing a little more green peeking out now too. This morning very thick heavy fog-which always tells me either spring is near or later in the year fall. I will be assured that Spring has arrived to stay once I hear the peepers in the ponds and my favorite song from the whipporwill.

    Of course I am thinking of gardening-which my mini garden space is now totally covered either with weeds or oats coming up from the straw, and I also seem to get lots of weeds from the compost I buy too. It's too early to get out and start turning the soil over with my spade-too wet-but I am thinking this weekend-or earlier-I will plant one of my raised beds with greens that can handle a little cool weather at night-like spinach, swiss chard and such. I  may plant a big tub with peas too. 
     We have been just above freezing now at night but we could still see another freeze before Mid April. I am holding back on planting more little greenhouses with plastic bottles with tender annuals til the end of the month, or first week in April. Here are a couple I made and planted earlier-seeds that could handle colder temps
     After this warmer week I am hoping to see something growing in these lol

   I received the Japanese Indigo seeds from Mona in Denmark-so am excited to start those too.

   I am still working destashing my creativity room-I found a group on Facebook for selling sewing items-and ended up selling allot of thread-I went crazy one year and bought lots of varigated quilting threads-decided too much money sitting in a drawer when I could use it to buy more wool to spin with lol   Having trouble finding homes for fabric-so may just put some over in my Etsy shop. Quilters let me know if you are looking for particular colors-I have lots of small cuts.

   I have been working with lots of unwashed wool this past week-getting the dried grass etc out of the wool so I can wash it. I have lots finished, am now working on churro wool that has been stored in cotton bags placed in those buckets-and wow I am so happy as I am into the quality area of the fleece and it is so gorgeous. I had been working with the coarse area of the fleece.
      I also browsed on Etsy for wool sellers and found one in the UK that sells fleece from very rare breeds which I was happy to find. Have one ordered-can you tell I am really hooked on wool? It makes me happy so this is a good thing.
    Has Spring shown itself where you live? What are you anxious to do now that warm weather is arriving?

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sunshine-Finally- and a Melting of the Snow and Ice

  This afternoon although we are just 30 degrees we finally have sunshine-so lots of melting happening here-loving that for sure. The sun has been quite scarce here this winter-unusual for this area.

  I finally had a day where I could play with my raw wool.I finished up with the grey churro wool that I was teezing out (getting rid of dried plant material) and just found in my trunk another very full bag-I am loving the color so liking that.

   I also went through the raw wool I had traded for last year-and teezed out all the very long locks of wool-this is beautiful wool, and there was some white wool in the bag too so that is ready to wash as well.
      Both of these bags-my churrro and the traded for wool had allot of waste that just was not useable for spinning-so I am setting that out near some trees-in hopes that the wild critters and the birds will like it for their nests.

   Next up is to go through the found bag of churro - and am hoping the wool wash arrives soon that I ordered last week. I had read that Dawn works well except that you need to use lots of it, and creates loads of suds that needs to be washed out-and I didn't like the idea that boiling hot water needed to be used.      When I read a review on Unicorn Fibre Care and rinse, these products sounded so much better, good for the enviroment and less expensive in the end.
     I have not washed my raw wool before spinning -but since i have so much of it decided I would now wash it before getting it ready to spin-will be kinder on my spinning wheel in the end too
    What is left in my trunk is that huge bag of angora goat fleece-it is a beautiful white-very white with long curly locks so will do some research on how best to process it.

     I still have that 2 pounds of raw alpaca I bought last fall that needs a wash, and those six 5 gallon buckets of churro, and also just ordered -2 pounds of Rambouillet white wool on the way-so I think I am set for a bit with spinning fibers lol.

   I do still have a little commerical roving left in different colors that I can use to play with on my new blending board. 
      I also am ready to set up my Lazy Kate for plying. I was having trouble with all of my bobbins except one-they were so tight that they would not spin-so hubby worked on fixing that issue-so hoping this weekend to try out the plying for the first time.

   By the weekend and looks like most of next week we will have spring temps-from the 50s to the 60s, lows in the 30s-will feel like a heat wave for sure. 

   Spring is just around the corner I'm a thinking

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Destashing of Fabrics Begins Today --Check Back as I will add more fabrics on this post through out the day -Mitch a few birds in the snow

  The last two days we had warm enough temps to melt just about everything off-this morning however winter has arrived again-so it started out as sleet and now the snow is coming down heavy. I guess we are to get up to 3-5" which is not all that bad-south of us though is getting a major winter event. 
     So at daybreak, I fed all the wildlife critters early, and then brought up more dry wood for the woodstoves.  Now I can just be indoors and enjoy the beauty of it all here in the woods-which always looks like a winter wonderland.

  I decided to begin destashing fabrics today. I still have many nice pieces so will offer bundles of fabrics here first before I post in my Etsy shop.  I would like to give my readers first chance as I know many of you are quilters and sewers.
     Just contact me if interested-and I will set up a custom listing on Etsy-mostly because I can keep the shipping price more affordable there.

NOW SOLD This is a set of 8 fat quarters from Clothworks 

The next bundle of fabrics I just loved. We had a small quilt shop open up nearby and she was going down more south of us to a wholesaler who was selling to shops quality quilt fabrics but at reduced prices as they were mostly from previous years collections. Was a good place to shop for quality but at more affordable prices.
     I bought a cut of each on one visit, and then I decided to go back and buy more fabric to make sure I had enough. So each colorway has two cuts of yardage.
     The piece with the pretty flower print is two pieces 3 yards each and 40" wide. On the border it says Sherbert by the Buggy Barn for Henry Glass & Co pattern1639. One piece got really squished so it needs a good press or washed first (I always wash my fabrics before sewing with them)
     The next piece has no borders with information it matches perfectly with the other piece, and has a wonderful "hand" to it. Both of these pieces in this bundle are high quality fabric-not lower end fabrics. The two cuts for this color was one piece 3 yards and with no borders I would say 41" or 42" wide. The second cut was 2 yards.

     So the total yardage of these 4 pieces is 11 yards. I would like to sell all together if possible. I paid $8.00 a yard at the time. Will sell for $6.00 a yard
      total price then would be $66.00 plus shipping. I like to use regional rate boxes which are priority but a big savings in shipping costs-I would need your zip code to calculate.

(click on any photo to enlarge)

THE NEXT piece of fabric is Sweet Pea by Red Rooster, a 2 yard cut by 40" wide. Another quality piece of fabric with a good "hand". Actually I mostly only purchase quality fabrics from quilt shops.
     I am selling this piece for $15.00 which will include free shipping before I post on Etsy.

NEXT BUNDLE is a really sweet grouping of fabrics. Back in 2010 I was in an international swap where we were to exchange fabrics that represented where we live or our heritage. I had just been back to Indiana-Amish country-so I bought several fat quarters and more so my partner could make a small quilt or table topper.
      What I received in return were fabrics from France where she lived at the time and also from her Dutch background-so all these fabrics came from two countries. Most are small scrap type pieces but plenty big enough for quilting, there was also a couple of pretty fat quarters and a little bag of her own covered buttons and trims.  I remember she had sent some chocolate and herb tea that were all from cottage farms.  Getting out of quilting I know I just won't use these pretty pieces so would like to pass these on to someone that will make something with these.
     The price is $20.00 with free shipping. The price reflects around what I had invested in this swap-minus the shipping fees

NEXT  I love the following pieces, am only selling these because I am seriously destashing my quilt supplies.
     This is named Nature's Blooms I love the textures in this piece; could be used in so many ways-landscape quilting etc.
     I have 3 yards x 40"  selling for $21.00 plus shipping-so I need your zip code to figure cost. This is another high quality piece of fabric.

NEXT  Canopy Tour by Paintbrush Studio #65 I just love the yellow birds all over this piece. as an option I think this would be beautiful fussy cut.
      I have 2 yards 16.5 Inches x40" Selling for $15.00 plus shipping-again need your zip code for shipping charges. I purchased the above, and this one and the next one at a quality quilt shop.

NEXT  Traditions by Paintbrush Studio # 672 I bought this piece as a texture fabric. I have 1 yard 10" x40" Selling for $7.50 plus shipping

NEXT  I have two cuts of this pretty print measuring each 1 yard 8.5"  A few years ago instead of taking Greyhound to visit my Mom, my neighbor and I drove up together. In the area that my Mom was living at the time, although very rural-farmland, it was loaded with awesome quilt shops in all directions. 
    I remember we stopped at a 5 and dime type store that looked like it had been there since the '50s or earlier, and in one area they were selling all precuts of fabrics. I picked up these pieces because the blues blended in perfectly with some of my 1800's reproduction pieces. Since they were not marked I decided not to use them for that.
     This is really nice material but not the same weight and hand as quality quilt store fabric. I am thinking these were moda or marcus just not the first run.
      I am selling each piece for $6.00 plus shipping

      Stay tuned as I list more fabrics tomorrow.

and for Mitch-it just started snowing lightly again here, and since I put out cracked corn early-the birds are loving it-a flicker landed on the stump but by the time I grabbed my camera he flew off again-sigh.

and the deer have just arrived, but they are way out by the tree line right now.

all photos will enlarge just click on them

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Punch Needle Supplies-Listing on Etsy

I  have a big bag of punch needle supplies:  2 cameos with needles, fabric, and lots of yarns which I am bagging by colors.

Thought I would share with you here-as I will be listing these today in my Etsy shop-the start of my de stash of my creativity room. (photos will enlarge)  Please share if you know someone that can use these items-

Sunday, March 1, 2015

It's a Winter Wonderland Here in the Woods: Deer in the Snow

  Once the snow started in the early afternoon, soon after it really came down-we were to end up with 7" or more. Looks like allot out there this morning-winter's beauty.

  I went out a bit earlier yesterday afternoon to put out cracked corn-figuring it would get covered up pretty quickly with the snow and not figuring the deer would really come out in this-but they did. We had 5 deer visit for a couple hours. Early this morning a deer walked by-where's the corn?? lol  Well there is usually no corn left by morning.

  I took a few photos through the window: deer in the snow, if you click on the photos to enlarge you can see the snow coming down and in the last photo a little wind swirling around the pole.

This morning the snow is a few inches deeper than when these photos were taken yesterday.

Happy Sunday


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