Friday, February 20, 2015

Wow It's Friday Already & Posting About my Spinning

  The week flew by on me-mostly cause it has been so bitter cold all week-that I have been working all day and a few evenings too spinning and spinning.
     Let me tell ya I am hooked on spinning-now that I have figured out the mechanics of Miss Jenny Ashley we are good to go and keep on improving our handspuns. I am mostly happy dancing cause I finally figured out for sure now why my yarn was not feeding on to the bobbin-it was partly the tension knob-but mostly the yarn needs to thread into the hole a certain direction from the hooks-so that discovery helped me progress with spinning better yarn. and I did it myself lol  I had thought I had gotten this figured out but when changing the bobbin it was happening again-so now I know.

     Soon I will work with Lady Alice Adele and get some of the tension issues worked out with her, but for now I am concentrating on one wheel and also my bottom drop spindle.

  I am hoping to have a camera battery in the mail soon and then I will share all the beautiful yarn I have been spinning up.

   All of my navajo churro wool that is left now is in big pillow case bags or in those 5 pound buckets-needing to be teased and cleaned-carded-and then spun. The two churro bags that I found in the trunk are of a different color-a soft beige-tweed that I really like.
       I also found two more bags in the bottom of my trunk  with more fiber that now that I think about it was from my husband's angora goat-now that bag is old-over 35 years ago--I keep lots of herbs in my fibers so I have detected no problems at all so far. I tell ya I have plenty of wool here to keep on spinning on lol

      I also did a trade end of last year for a big box stuffed with raw wool too-so I worked up some of that this week which is so much softer that the churro-the box is full of different colors and some very long lengths to very very short soft lengths-which is probably the underneath area of the sheep-so worked up some of that into yarn-very nice. I really enjoy the whole process from raw wool to spun wool-I have been working up about a half bobbin full each day from start to finish-which makes me feel accomplished to look back at the wool before and after into yarn-pretty cool.
     I asked my friend if she remembered the breed of wool she sent me and she said no as was a long time ago that she had purchased it-but while reading a book on rare breeds-their wool-and projects made from them(which is really a nice book-and I see you can pick up a copy really cheap now)-I read about the California Variegated Mutant and Romeldale which from the description of the colors and the wool-sounds exactly like what she sent me-so that was pretty neat to find out.

    I also remembered that I had purchased a couple rovings and a little bag of hand dyed wool at a couple fiber events that I had gone to-found those-and wow I love love this roving more than the rovings I had purchased to dye with first. 
      The reason is-unless it is just this breed of sheep (and not the commercial process of getting the wool into roving) that this wool still totally has the character of the wool but  is all cleaned-dyed and carded into a very long roving -I worked up the blue on my spinning wheel, and the maroon on my drop spindle-and wow my spinning has really improved over this past week. I usually keep a card with the item I purchase and for some reason I didn't with this. I remember though that she was selling her own wool-so I will look for her at the fiber fest this summer.

   So I have been transferring the spun wool from the bobbin onto my niddy noddy-spraying it down with water that has a drop or two of essential oil of lavender-and let dry-then finish off into a skein--these are all going to be singles, cause most are already pretty bulky yarns except for my latest pieces--but soon I will hand wash all these skeins and lay out to dry which I think will help set the twist too.  I am also thinking-as I need to learn how to ply-to match up some saori silk to some of the skeins and ply those on to the handspun before washing. This process should have been done before putting on the niddy noddy-but I am not one to plan ahead that much with my creativity projects-they just develop along the way.

 I really need my camera so I can show you all my lovely handspuns. I will post photos soon.

    I guess a mini warm up tomorrow but with rain and t storms-really?? and then back to the low 20s f so we know what that means-lots of ice--more spinning for sure-but I told myself I must stop over the weekend to work on our tax stuff for the accountant, & catch up on domestic stuff too-now that doesn't sound like much fun-lol
   Have a good weekend! How have you all been during this past week-hope warm and safe during this bitter winter?  

     Oh -I almost forgot- I really wanted to share with you a link to one of my favorite blogs on herbs and how to make things with them. The Nerdy Farm Wife shared a post about 10 herbs to grow in your garden, she also posted links of recipes she has shared in the past for each herb-so a very informative post if you enjoy growing and using your herbs. I learned how to make salves and balms especially from her site.


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