Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Thinking About Spring and Gardening Today

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   I am really thinking spring today-actually I am dreaming of spring's return, especially after reading many of your blogs with lovely blooms and flowers, and links to sowing seeds. And---we have sunshine and blue skies today-so pretty even though it is very cold here still.-no complaints as there is no snow or ice here in my area of the Ozarks

   So I shared some links on my facebook page but decided I want to share with you all too. Many of you gardeners may already being doing this-but this was new to me. I no longer have any place in my house here to grow my own veggie and herb seeds. I do have a very nice garden window above my kitchen sink-but this is not south facing so the times I have tried to grow my plants really did not work well.
   Last year a friend of ours offered to grow my seeds for me in his greenhouse when he planted his. I was really excited about this-bought my seeds and also seed starter soil-but in the end I was not real happy with my plants. Most were not hardy at all and too thin-and wrong labels on almost everything-so I decided not to do that again this year.
    I don't need allot of plants but I do like to have the heirlooms that I want to plant.

  I was very excited to go to a link that my friend Carol shared on her blog-about making mini greenhouses from gallon plastic water jugs, vinegar, or milk jugs. Depending on what you are growing-and no matter how cold it is or how much snow you get-you can think spring by starting annuals in January. Here is the link on how to make your own mini greenhouses, and Here is the link for the time table on which month to plant what. and the best part is you set your little greenhouses outdoors-I love that part, as most of us are really not set up to grow seeds properly indoors without allot of diy or expense.

photo taken from first how to link.

In the link for when to plant I am excited to try this method for my sweet peppers, tomatoes, and eggplants. I have a few herbs and flowers that would be nice to start too. I need to find more jugs and need to get the soil and the duct tape before I can start.  I use vinegar for my fabric softener so I do get these jugs-right now they are full of water in case the electric should go out.

I don't buy seed tapes, but for some things this would be nice to use instead of seeds when the seeds are very tiny. Here is a diy on how to make your own seed tape  how clever is this?? photo below from this link

Step 7: Roll it Up

   If you are pinterest you can really think spring by browsing all the gardening pins-lots more ideas on there

What nifty diy projects do you use for your garden??


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