Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Thrill of Learning Something New

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    Isn't it exciting when you finally grasp something??  In the past before retirement I worked so many hours that I just didn't have the mental clarity to grasp spinning-or the time to devote to it.

    So last month along with digging out wool rovings and my drop spindles I also dug out my spinning wheel that I had bought back in '78  This was a kit-so I had stained the wood and put my wheel together back then and it has moved with me through the years.
    I spent about a week figuring out how my wheel works, what the knobs etc. were for-watched you tube videos, and finally found out about how to use the hooks on the sides of the bobbin, and then yesterday afternoon I worked more on the pedaling and just figuring out the process. I just about got it last night before I called it quits.  
     After doing my outside chores, I played more this morning-and although I definately have yarn that is thick and thin and over twisted in spots-we do have yarn!!  It  just suddenly happened-So happy dancing here lol

   Last year I purchased a couple pounds of wool roving to dye with and to hopefully spin-so I tore off a long piece of that and divided it down, as I am not really good at the drafting yet-doing that the yarn is coming together better now. I thought this would be easier to grasp then using my own carded rolags first.  
      and those videos make it look so easy to hold a big bunch of wool and get fine wool yarn from it-not happening that way yet-lol

  This is so addictive to me, just want to keep on spinning on.  

Miss Calico approves or rather she is just really


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