Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sharing Blogs From a Couple of Friends Please Stop by and Welcome Them & Update on my Niddy Noddy

  My Grow Your Blog Party Post Here-Giveaway Too

    Last year I gave in and went to Facebook. Mostly to keep in touch with long time blog friends (from yahoo 360 to Multiply to Blogster-Blogster- horrible) and also to work on getting my Etsy shop found.

  I have a couple friends now (had been mostly on Facebook) that have decided to return to blogging-yeah-they all had set up sites here but it has been a couple years now since they have been active. So they need to work through again the settings here and how this blog site works.

  My friends and I were used to the workings of Yahoo 360 and Multiply-we were so spoiled-those were excellent platforms-we had our blogs, our photo albums, an inbox right there on our sites so we knew easily when we had visitors, so commenting back was so easy. Those sites were also set up so we could write a blog specifically for certain friends-let me tell ya we all miss that so much.

  Anyways back to the present when Multiply got sold and the new owners got rid of our blogs-so sad-we were scattered all over the net. I had tried so many places and really did not like any of them-but I settled here cause many of my quilting and art friends came here and the last few years at Multiply was set up so we could cross post to here. So I had a presence here long before Multiply went under.

  However, meeting and communicating with friends was a new learning curve here and the workings to set up our blog are much more complicated than what we were used to especially for us seniors that never grew up with computers lol

  So, I have been telling my friends about Vicki's Blog Party going on right now-and an excellent time to visit the party list and find new friends.

Sooooo hopefully I didn't bore you all with the above lol let me introduce you to my friends.

Loretta at Forgetmenot525  lives in Scotland and is a photographer and an artist-a painter. She shares her art, her travels, gardening and other fun things.

Deb at The Chocolate Zen Garden  lives in North Carolina and shares about her gardening, shares awesome recipes, her chickens at chicken central, her grand goddesses and more.

Susan at Susan's Blog   lives in Arizona, and shares about her love for animals, travels, and more.

Please stop by their posts and welcome them back to our blogging community. 

Afternoon Update:
   While watching the kitten bowl on Hallmark Channel and now the puppy bowl on Animal Planet Channel I have been finishing up playing with my navaho churro wool-getting it spun up on my drop spindle.
    This yarn is definately thick artsy yarn, some of this I did about 10 years ago and this was wool that I carded and made into rolags probably 20 years ago-geesh how time marches on.
   After I watched a video with a navajo spinner using rolags I understand better how to draft this out-or stretch and thin out the wool to get a thinner yarn. I am sure this is all newbie stuff cause on most videos I have watched the wool is not drawn out and they are getting the right size yarn
    So I had found a bag full of this churro wool and wanted to spin it up on my spindle, and will use this with that blue homespun I did for my first saori free weaving piece sometime this year.
   I finished it up and was ready to make up a skein of yarn on my niddy noddy-well the diagram from that diy I shared just did not work for me. I am very slow at learning new things so visual is much better.
   I so appreciate all of you that teach us how to do something on You Tube. 
   I found this video and I got it now yeah

And here is my result-Miss Calico slept through the whole process lol


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