Monday, February 2, 2015

Remember That Lovely Hand Dyed Yellow Wool Yarn??

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                       Good Morning-Happy Monday

      In    Yesterday's post  I shared links to 3 of my long time online friends and their blogs here on Blogger-please go and welcome them back to blogging. They had all stopped blogging a few years ago and realized they missed it-

      I also shared a video on how to put my handspun yarn onto my niddy noddy to make a skein, and a photo of my spun churro wool.  After learning how to do that, I decided to get out my beautiful yellow results on to the roving I purchased-Ashland Bay corrie cross.
       For the dye I had used mimosa leaves (gathered when tree was in bloom and dried), fresh marigold petals (no green at all) and fresh goldenrod flowers (no green at all) This was my best accomplishment yet on achieving a pretty yellow from natural dye materials.

   I still need lots of practice with my drop spindle so I decided to begin spinning this up yesterday. I divided the roving in half-then divided again-and once more-I am hoping to spin a finer yarn this time. 
    This is still rather thick yet-but is much more even than my first blue wool I did. I am really enjoying working with this lovely yarn  In the second photo-I could really see some bad thick spots-so I have since taken that apart and re did it.

(photos will enlarge)

   Still no wintry snow here but very very cold this morning and was over the weekend too-with lots of wind. 

  Enjoy your new week-and create something beautiful!


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