Thursday, February 12, 2015

It's a Windy Cold Thursday & Catch Up

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   If you haven't yet there is still time to enter drawings for giveaways and meet new friends at the party above.  After the 15th drawing date the list will remain up for the next year so always time to find and meet new friends at the party.
    This year I met some new fiber artists and quilters which are always an inspiration for me. 
    I counted up the comments for my giveaway on that post and I am up to around 85 in the drawing (amazing and thank you)-should I end up with closer to 100 entries I will draw two winners-so if you have not already please go to the above link and comment for a chance to win my handmade papers.
   I had two paper making days this week-Monday I made papers for the winners for my spinning wheel names, and Tuesday I made more papers for the blog party giveaway. They all turned out wonderful-but I am loving Tuesdays papers the best as I got loads of textures but much thinner papers-which is what I like to achieve. 

   I am more happy with my spinning on the drop spindle now. I do a little every evening, and really enjoy it. I had lots of raw churro that I had cleaned and carded and made into rolags that I am now spinning up. Now that I learned more about drawing out the fibers first I am getting a nicer yarn with my drop spindle. 
     I learned from Mona that my wheel on the spinning wheel and where the bobbin area is on my spinning wheel must line up exactly-which I did not know before, so my wheels need a little more adjustments and then more practice. As of yet I do not have the "hang" of it-even when I pinch the fiber the twist just goes out of control up all my roving-and the wheel is not even going that fast-so much learning  needed on using my spinning wheels.
     In the summer in a city near to us they have an alpaca fest with lots of classes. Most of the classes seem too pricey for me-but I am thinking of looking into their spinning class if I am still having troubles grasping my spinning wheel by then.
   I think it was my friend Gene that told me about Paradise Fibers last year-that place can be addictive lol  They have a point system that you can use for dollars off and allot of times they have fantastic sales and free shipping-so what's a girl to do?? Buy more stuff right??  Well I could not resist last week ordering another bag of wool roving-with the sale and my points it brought down the price really low. I still had points left after that, and they have free shipping this week, and I need threading hooks for my two wheels-so I went ahead and ordered those today. I had found some really pretty ones on Etsy that were handmade with beads but I opted for Kromnski's pretty turned wooden threaders-I love nice tools. I have now used up all my points so don't need to think about them expiring and I do have plenty of wool to spin and to hand dye so I am good for a bit-perhaps lol.

   We will finally have winter upon us and in full force soon. It was fairly warm yesterday morning so I brought up lots of firewood near the house. Today is blustery and in the 20s all day, but the next two days we will be in the high 40s-so a little break. Saturday old man winter arrives with bitter cold-Sunday Monday Tuesday will bring ice and snow. Too early to tell how much and especially how much ice. Looking at different weather sites online the predictions are all over the place so won't know for sure til it is upon us.
   I am thinking it will be very possible we could be snowed in by Tuesday-but time will tell. Sunday I will start filling up more vessels for water in case we lose that, and I will bring up more firewood too so we will have lots of dry wood. My 6 mini greenhouse jugs will get snow on top of them-cool! and I chose a good spot for them cause they are still standing even with all this wind we are having.

  For any of you that are also fiber artists, and/or enjoy learning all you can about natural hand dyeing, journaling and other fun things-please check my right sidebar as I started a list for very inspiring art-creativity blogs where I get really inspired and learn lots of new things. 
    Also,  I have shortened my blog list to 5 but at the bottom right corner of that list,  you can click to expand and see all-you are most welcome to browse my blog list too.

   Looks like I have written a book already-need to decide what I want to accomplish today-I really need to get my loom threaded and warp wound on-this project has sat far too long.
       Enjoy your Thursday!

Afternoon Update:  After spending a couple hours trying to figure out how to slide things over to align the band on the wheel properly-I finally gave in and asked hubby to help-turns out the instructions were written incorrectly and me never being good at figuring puzzles and things like this out, just was not grasping this-I should have put the instructions away and just looked at it better. lol live and learn. lol
     So now Miss Jenny Ashley is running so much better-a huge difference indeed-and after all these years too.
     Now 6 hours later-I have had moments where I was getting coordinated enough to spin yarn-the yarn would not feed on to the bobbin-geesh-so back online I go and tells me more tension-Today was progress-but not coming along as fast as I want to grasp this--hopefully tomorrow will be better


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