Friday, February 6, 2015

This event is now closed-thank yous to all of you-the decision was difficult----I Need Help Naming my Girls-Spinning Wheels That is & a Giveaway of Course

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    With Mona's help last night-I think I got this-at least my wheel is working and the string is not falling off any more lol and I will need allot of practice with the treadling-perhaps a little more tension adjustments. The wool yarn seems to twist up before I even have a chance to think about it-and twists up even below the pinch and the wheel is not really going all that fast-so practice and more learning ahead.

   This wheel just feels so good to use and I have just begun, the craftsmanship on this wheel is so superb-I love it.

   Now, I love my very first wheel I bought in '78 my Ashford Traveler too and I will be working and learning more on how to get pretty yarn on this one too.

   My drop spindle I am really loving allot-my yarn is much more even now-and I really love the simple process of this one. The bottom whorl is now my preference over the top whorl I have-as it seems to be balanced better and the spin stays a longer time too.

Soooo I was thinking this morning that my two wheels need names-I have been calling them she and her-so they need pretty girls names.
    Any ideas??  I will give out some handmade papers-to be made in the next day or two-for two winning names.

The first will be my Ashford Traveler

and the second will be my European Vintage which I think needs a European name. I asked my husband if he remembers any more from the sale-and said he thinks the owner might have said she bought it in Germany. But no matter she needs a "vintage" European name-if there is such a name lol

 I will choose the winners on Monday the 9th sometime. International entries most welcome.

(wow I just noticed from these photos how dusty the house has gotten-we have been having verycold temps here lately so that means running the wood stoves more and bringing in lots of firewood)


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