Thursday, February 5, 2015

Help With a Spinning Wheel

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  I put out this inquiry on Facebook, but thought I would put here too as I know some of my readers are spinners.

   One of the cool things my husband found for me at garage sale when we moved here was a spinning wheel.
   The lady he purchased it from said she bought it in Europe at an antique store-she wanted it for decor. She said the shipping was more costly than what she paid for it and in the shipping process the center spindle on the distaff got broken-so she was not too happy.

   I have searched online this morning but can not find anything that looks like mine in photos. I did find a newer made one by Kromski . they have allot of videos so those might help me.
     I did learn that this shape is the castle style, and this may have been a parlor spinning wheel-although the wheel is plain and not fancy carved.

    I have not seen a wheel with grooves for two drive bands before-so I need to know how both go on-I see the same set up near the bobbin like mine with just one groove. and is there a reason for two drive bands?
    I would also love to know the name of this or a site for learning how to set this one up-and learn what all the knobs are for-they look like tension knobs.

  I am cleaning her up this morning, so please ignore the dust. Also is this a good wheel for spinning silk? possibly cotton?
 Any help would be appreciated thanks.

Well she looks allot better now-wiped my wheel down with Murphy's soap in water, let dry, and then used Liquid Gold for wood. Some spots need another coat as the wood is really soaking up the love.
   Not sure if I have the band on right but will know once I start-I love the pedal mechanism so much better on this wheel-so smooth-allot of craftsmanship went into this piece-love it.


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