Monday, February 9, 2015

Good Morning Monday & My Girls-Spinning Wheels -Have Names

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  Happy Monday Everyone

           Mother Nature treated us with a fabulous weekend, so perfect that I almost felt guilty cause those of you on the east coast are still getting hammered with winter.  So if you don't want to know how lovely it was here-skip to the next paragraph-lol  We broke weather records in many Missouri areas with 75 on saturday and 70 on sunday here where I live. With plenty of sunshine as well. It was really windy for most of the weekend so I couldn't be out in that for too long-but I did enjoy a nice walk, gathered up more firewood to bring up to the house, and worked on few mini greenhouses in the plastic bottles.

    Most of the seeds I want to start are the tender annuals so will need to wait til end of March for those-but I did plant 6 bottles. I took a few photos of the process-but then my camera just quit, so since this camera is less than a year old hoping it is just the battery-and what a hunt for the battery that turned out to be. I was getting no where so I put the call out for help on my facebook page and after a few friends helped with the search I got messaged back that one of my friends finally found a battery and has one being mailed out to me-how awesome is that?? So right now I have no photos to share.
    I have tried for a couple years now to plant delphiniums in my garden from seed with no luck and I have not seen any plants for sale in the spring-so I bought a fresh pack of seeds and started some of those in the bottles, I also planted a bunching onion, cilantro, and milkweed. The milkweed seeds were a gift from my friend Carol. She plants them on her property for the monarch butterflies-so I would love to do that too.
   I am hoping to find more bottles as I don't have nearly enough-so far I really like the vinegar bottles because the plastic is more durable than the water bottles.

   I know;  you are all probably anxiously waiting for the names I have chosen for my "girls".
     I really want to thank you all so much for submitting name suggestions. I am so happy I decided to do this because the names were all perfect. This was a hard decision because I really loved all of your ideas. I first said the names out loud and decided if I liked the names that way first-so that was my first elimination. 
     Then I decided to look up the names and see what meanings they had and I found a site called Behind the Name-which in most cases gave the meaning of the names and/or the country origin. 
      So that was the next elimination. Then from the names I had left-which was very difficult-I decided. 
     (I decided on the name suggestions alone and not by who suggested the names-I went back and looked up who submitted the names-does that make sense lol) 
     I also love it that we have winners living in Europe, Canada, and the USA 

     I have chosen several winners:

For my Ashford Traveler I chose Jenny Ashley

     I really loved Loretta's thoughts on Jenny named after Spinning Jenny-the history here  The name Jenny is of English, Swedish, German, Dutch, and Spanish origin

    And I loved the name Ashley since my spinning wheel is made by Ashford. The name Ashley is an old English surname-so perfect.
     So the winners for this name are Loretta, Beate, Wendy, and Carole of Carolina Home.
     I do have mailing address's for Loretta and Beate, so Wendy and Carole please message me with your address

For my Vintage European I chose Lady Alice Adele

    I loved my friend Kimberli's suggestion of Lady Alice who was her ancestor that lived in Wales at Liantamum Abbey during the late 1600's early 1700's. The name Alice is from an old French name that was very popular in France and England during the 12th century. When I was searching online for a similiar looking spinning wheel I had found one from Wales that looked really close to mine.

   I chose Adele cause I loved the sound of this name and Adele is of German, English, Italian, and French origin.
    These two names covered allot of Europe.

   So the winners for this name are Kimberli, and MagnoliasTea.
    I do have the  mailing address for Kimberli. so MagnoliasTea please message me with your address.

All the winners will receive handmade papers by me-which I will be making today.

  Thanks so much to all of you that participated, I really enjoyed this process of finding names for my spinning wheels.

  Have an awesome week!


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