Monday, February 16, 2015

Good Morning Monday & Long Post

Good morning everyone,
      The talk on the weather all weekend was the big snow storm that was going to visit the ozarks. They had a difficult time tracking where it would be for sure, but it was good that they prepared everyone-just in case.
     Late last night I could hear all the ice and sleet coming down for quite awhile-which brought back bad memories of the devastating ice storm we had here about 7 years ago now-took down most all of the electric poles in my county-and the breakage of huge tree limbs was so devastating back then-there are still many in the woods from that storm that have not yet come down.

    This morning once it got daylight-I see about 4" or less of snow-of course the ice is covered but I don't see it thick on the fence that is a good thing. a few miles south of us got the worse of the snow event-10" plus and still snowing, so we made out good-especially living so rural. We are to be bitter cold all week with another snow system coming over the weekend-This is our first winter weather of any sorts for the season so far, so I have nothing to complain about-especially after seeing photos of what is happening on the east coast-now that is snow to be concerned about.
    As most of you know, we live pretty primitive-our choosing, and we didn't get all the firewood in that we needed to last all winter. Hubby and a friend did get another truck load a week or so ago when we had warmer weather so we should have enough to go another month. For several days I brought up as much firewood as I could up near the house so we would have dry wood-and that should last us a week if conservative-so we are good on that for now. So all is good here-our deer visitors visit us each evening for their corn, and I keep the bird feeders full as well. sorry no photos, but my new camera battery should arrive this week sometime.

    Miss Jenny Ashley and I are getting along much better, I was able to get one of my bobbins to spin freely from the flyer, and along with figuring out how the tension works-was able to spin and have my yarn load on to the bobbin-finally-so that was a huge accomplishment for me-and my drafting is getting better too. I am really addicted to spinning-I love it-good thing I have lots of wool here that I can practice on. All this practice yarn will be perfect for my first saori weaving project-which I think will be table placemats, and/ or a couple long runners. 

   I have been in a time warp all weekend as I had dug out a bag of my hand carded churro wool that I hadn't worked with since the late 80s early 90s  At that time we were working so many hours in our exotic bird business, and my regular job was on forced overtime, that after adding up the time worked per day-16 hours a day-geesh no wonder I was so tired back then lol  
     But, anyways I had gotten as a gift from one of our customers in New Mexico at the time- two raw fleeces of churro wool-it was pretty dirty full of vegetation and dust etc-but I had sorted out what I thought was the choice wool areas and kept that seperate from the rest-and started in on cleaning-hand carding-and making into rolags for spinning. I was just too tired back then to grasp spinning-and now I found out that Miss Jenny Ashley was not put together quite right either.
     So I have been thinking about back then while spinning this up-I have the bag pretty much completed now except there was some cleaned wool that needed to be carded so I am doing that now. and these carders-sooo expensive now to purchase-were bought in the late 70s when I was living in Colorado. So good memories while spinning. It is amazing to me now how much time has gone by since the beginning of my weaving-spinning journey.  
   Back then I was trying to figure out how to store the rest of my churro wool so it would not get damaged and I could use it when I was ready. and I had read an article about a lady that used 5 gallon buckets with those tight sealing lids-sooo---I have 5 of those buckets to work with and I do still have a few bags of cleaned wool in a trunk that needs carding.
   The churro wool would actually make excellent warp yarn once I get my drafting down. The navajo churro was going extinct back then-but I think it is now having a come back with good breeding practices.

  This brings to me thinking again about what is most important for me now-and hands down it is learning more about spinning and more weaving, with just a little quilting thrown in. 
       I am going to start going through my reproduction civil war fabrics and selling those as I just don't have time to do those full size civil war quilts I always wanted to make. I do also love my 1830's fabrics so will be keeping those for now. If anyone is interested in the civil war fabrics send me an email. I can't show photos just yet. Thought I would offer them here first to my quilting readers and friends before I put them in my etsy shop.

      Have an awesome new week!!


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