Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Big Studio Room Sell Off Coming Soon Attention Quilters, Sewers, Crafters, Soapers, Rug Hookers

  A couple of my friends here have gotten me motivated--to downsize my studio-which I have never wanted to do, til now.

   I have a small room that is my creativity studio but it is so jammed packed in there I can't even move-and my 30" loom is in the living room as is all my spinning stuff now-it is ridiculous lol   I have two of my friends doing this, so I am going to get serious and do this too. Now that I have turned 65 years "young" it is a good time.

  Since I taught myself how to spin and now that I am learning more and more-this process makes me so happy-quilting has never made me as happy. The biggest hurdle for me has always been getting it quilted in the end-I am just not set up to quilt large quilts and I don't have money to pay a professional-so that has kept me from doing the 1800's quilts that I really wanted to do.  Being realistic, I don't have that many years left to do everything I want to do-so I am finally understanding I need to do what makes me really really happy-and that has always been weaving and now spinning-and all my life it has gotten overlooked for other things.

   We have another winter storm coming in here late tonight through next tuesday-and my studio is really cold, so as soon as it gets warmer I will be bundling up quilting fabrics by colors, I have lots of 1800's fabrics even a bolt of it which I was going to be making drapes with, loads of quilt books that need homes, lots of rulers, I have a whole drawer full of expensive sewing threads-lots from connecting threads-I don't need all that--and this downsizing will give me shelf space, and money to purchase wool with to spin or tools I may need.

  I also have a huge collection of reclaimed wool that has already been taken apart and washed-so it is clean and felted already. I have collected these for applique work and rug hooking but I don't need all these pieces so will be selling lots of wool fabrics.

   I also have lots of things from my soap business that I would love to sell including lots of quality molds for melt and pour, lots and lots of fragrance oils and essential oils allot of money sitting in this room.

If interested stay posted or let me know so I can contact you with what I have before I list it here first and then on etsy

and if you missed it-I have greatly reduced my lovely handwoven shawl-see previous post


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