Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Big Markdown Sale: My Handwoven Shawl

  I really would love to sell my handwoven soon, this is the perfect time to wear it around the house and will be a perfect wrap to wear out and about once it warms up this coming spring.
   This is a very warm and comfy garment that I wove with organic cotton, mohair, wool, and flax. So this does need to be hand washed and laid out flat to dry. 
    The organic cotton (the warp threads) will turn a little darker brown after wear and more washings-which I think is pretty cool. This is very soft, and I love the neutral colors.
     I have had my piece for sale in my Etsy shop for $170.00 and recently a little sale with coupon code. The price includes free shipping within the USA.
    I thought I would offer my handwoven here to my readers and friends first before offering the lower price on Etsy.

  My sale price is now $149.00 which will still include the free shipping. This price will cover the cost of the yarns used. 
     The other reason I wish to sell is I need to restore my "crafts" cash to buy more roving to keep on spinning lol, but the main reason is I really want someone to love my garment and wear it

     If interested contact me here using my contact form and I will set up a paypal invoice to you. International welcome but the price will be plus shipping.

For more photos and information on my handwoven please visit my listing on etsy here


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