Monday, February 23, 2015

A Few Photos

  Good morning, I borrowed hubby's camera to take a few photos. (all photos will enlarge)

These are a few photos of last weeks spinning

This was a little 2 ounce bag of wool that was hand dyed with natural dyes that I had picked up at fiber fest-my first thought was for my needle felting-it was really matted up and a mess-but it turned out really nice after teezing it out and carding.

I was really happy with these two-I had purchased a little roving at a fiber fest and loved the textures of this wool; the blue I spun on Miss Jenny Ashley and the maroon I spun on my drop spindle-wow can you see how I have improved?

These yarns were from raw wool; the lighter grey is my Navajo churro and the darker is raw wool that I traded for. Spun in the "grease" on Miss Jenny Ashley

I am loving this wool too. This brown wool was gifted to me a few years ago along with a top whorl spindle.
Still improving with this yarn too.

Big bag of the wool I traded for

Big bag of  Navajo churro


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