Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Big Studio Room Sell Off Coming Soon Attention Quilters, Sewers, Crafters, Soapers, Rug Hookers

  A couple of my friends here have gotten me motivated--to downsize my studio-which I have never wanted to do, til now.

   I have a small room that is my creativity studio but it is so jammed packed in there I can't even move-and my 30" loom is in the living room as is all my spinning stuff now-it is ridiculous lol   I have two of my friends doing this, so I am going to get serious and do this too. Now that I have turned 65 years "young" it is a good time.

  Since I taught myself how to spin and now that I am learning more and more-this process makes me so happy-quilting has never made me as happy. The biggest hurdle for me has always been getting it quilted in the end-I am just not set up to quilt large quilts and I don't have money to pay a professional-so that has kept me from doing the 1800's quilts that I really wanted to do.  Being realistic, I don't have that many years left to do everything I want to do-so I am finally understanding I need to do what makes me really really happy-and that has always been weaving and now spinning-and all my life it has gotten overlooked for other things.

   We have another winter storm coming in here late tonight through next tuesday-and my studio is really cold, so as soon as it gets warmer I will be bundling up quilting fabrics by colors, I have lots of 1800's fabrics even a bolt of it which I was going to be making drapes with, loads of quilt books that need homes, lots of rulers, I have a whole drawer full of expensive sewing threads-lots from connecting threads-I don't need all that--and this downsizing will give me shelf space, and money to purchase wool with to spin or tools I may need.

  I also have a huge collection of reclaimed wool that has already been taken apart and washed-so it is clean and felted already. I have collected these for applique work and rug hooking but I don't need all these pieces so will be selling lots of wool fabrics.

   I also have lots of things from my soap business that I would love to sell including lots of quality molds for melt and pour, lots and lots of fragrance oils and essential oils allot of money sitting in this room.

If interested stay posted or let me know so I can contact you with what I have before I list it here first and then on etsy

and if you missed it-I have greatly reduced my lovely handwoven shawl-see previous post

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Big Markdown Sale: My Handwoven Shawl

  I really would love to sell my handwoven soon, this is the perfect time to wear it around the house and will be a perfect wrap to wear out and about once it warms up this coming spring.
   This is a very warm and comfy garment that I wove with organic cotton, mohair, wool, and flax. So this does need to be hand washed and laid out flat to dry. 
    The organic cotton (the warp threads) will turn a little darker brown after wear and more washings-which I think is pretty cool. This is very soft, and I love the neutral colors.
     I have had my piece for sale in my Etsy shop for $170.00 and recently a little sale with coupon code. The price includes free shipping within the USA.
    I thought I would offer my handwoven here to my readers and friends first before offering the lower price on Etsy.

  My sale price is now $149.00 which will still include the free shipping. This price will cover the cost of the yarns used. 
     The other reason I wish to sell is I need to restore my "crafts" cash to buy more roving to keep on spinning lol, but the main reason is I really want someone to love my garment and wear it

     If interested contact me here using my contact form and I will set up a paypal invoice to you. International welcome but the price will be plus shipping.

For more photos and information on my handwoven please visit my listing on etsy here

Monday, February 23, 2015

A Few Photos

  Good morning, I borrowed hubby's camera to take a few photos. (all photos will enlarge)

These are a few photos of last weeks spinning

This was a little 2 ounce bag of wool that was hand dyed with natural dyes that I had picked up at fiber fest-my first thought was for my needle felting-it was really matted up and a mess-but it turned out really nice after teezing it out and carding.

I was really happy with these two-I had purchased a little roving at a fiber fest and loved the textures of this wool; the blue I spun on Miss Jenny Ashley and the maroon I spun on my drop spindle-wow can you see how I have improved?

These yarns were from raw wool; the lighter grey is my Navajo churro and the darker is raw wool that I traded for. Spun in the "grease" on Miss Jenny Ashley

I am loving this wool too. This brown wool was gifted to me a few years ago along with a top whorl spindle.
Still improving with this yarn too.

Big bag of the wool I traded for

Big bag of  Navajo churro

Friday, February 20, 2015

Wow It's Friday Already & Posting About my Spinning

  The week flew by on me-mostly cause it has been so bitter cold all week-that I have been working all day and a few evenings too spinning and spinning.
     Let me tell ya I am hooked on spinning-now that I have figured out the mechanics of Miss Jenny Ashley we are good to go and keep on improving our handspuns. I am mostly happy dancing cause I finally figured out for sure now why my yarn was not feeding on to the bobbin-it was partly the tension knob-but mostly the yarn needs to thread into the hole a certain direction from the hooks-so that discovery helped me progress with spinning better yarn. and I did it myself lol  I had thought I had gotten this figured out but when changing the bobbin it was happening again-so now I know.

     Soon I will work with Lady Alice Adele and get some of the tension issues worked out with her, but for now I am concentrating on one wheel and also my bottom drop spindle.

  I am hoping to have a camera battery in the mail soon and then I will share all the beautiful yarn I have been spinning up.

   All of my navajo churro wool that is left now is in big pillow case bags or in those 5 pound buckets-needing to be teased and cleaned-carded-and then spun. The two churro bags that I found in the trunk are of a different color-a soft beige-tweed that I really like.
       I also found two more bags in the bottom of my trunk  with more fiber that now that I think about it was from my husband's angora goat-now that bag is old-over 35 years ago--I keep lots of herbs in my fibers so I have detected no problems at all so far. I tell ya I have plenty of wool here to keep on spinning on lol

      I also did a trade end of last year for a big box stuffed with raw wool too-so I worked up some of that this week which is so much softer that the churro-the box is full of different colors and some very long lengths to very very short soft lengths-which is probably the underneath area of the sheep-so worked up some of that into yarn-very nice. I really enjoy the whole process from raw wool to spun wool-I have been working up about a half bobbin full each day from start to finish-which makes me feel accomplished to look back at the wool before and after into yarn-pretty cool.
     I asked my friend if she remembered the breed of wool she sent me and she said no as was a long time ago that she had purchased it-but while reading a book on rare breeds-their wool-and projects made from them(which is really a nice book-and I see you can pick up a copy really cheap now)-I read about the California Variegated Mutant and Romeldale which from the description of the colors and the wool-sounds exactly like what she sent me-so that was pretty neat to find out.

    I also remembered that I had purchased a couple rovings and a little bag of hand dyed wool at a couple fiber events that I had gone to-found those-and wow I love love this roving more than the rovings I had purchased to dye with first. 
      The reason is-unless it is just this breed of sheep (and not the commercial process of getting the wool into roving) that this wool still totally has the character of the wool but  is all cleaned-dyed and carded into a very long roving -I worked up the blue on my spinning wheel, and the maroon on my drop spindle-and wow my spinning has really improved over this past week. I usually keep a card with the item I purchase and for some reason I didn't with this. I remember though that she was selling her own wool-so I will look for her at the fiber fest this summer.

   So I have been transferring the spun wool from the bobbin onto my niddy noddy-spraying it down with water that has a drop or two of essential oil of lavender-and let dry-then finish off into a skein--these are all going to be singles, cause most are already pretty bulky yarns except for my latest pieces--but soon I will hand wash all these skeins and lay out to dry which I think will help set the twist too.  I am also thinking-as I need to learn how to ply-to match up some saori silk to some of the skeins and ply those on to the handspun before washing. This process should have been done before putting on the niddy noddy-but I am not one to plan ahead that much with my creativity projects-they just develop along the way.

 I really need my camera so I can show you all my lovely handspuns. I will post photos soon.

    I guess a mini warm up tomorrow but with rain and t storms-really?? and then back to the low 20s f so we know what that means-lots of ice--more spinning for sure-but I told myself I must stop over the weekend to work on our tax stuff for the accountant, & catch up on domestic stuff too-now that doesn't sound like much fun-lol
   Have a good weekend! How have you all been during this past week-hope warm and safe during this bitter winter?  

     Oh -I almost forgot- I really wanted to share with you a link to one of my favorite blogs on herbs and how to make things with them. The Nerdy Farm Wife shared a post about 10 herbs to grow in your garden, she also posted links of recipes she has shared in the past for each herb-so a very informative post if you enjoy growing and using your herbs. I learned how to make salves and balms especially from her site.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Good Morning Monday & Long Post

Good morning everyone,
      The talk on the weather all weekend was the big snow storm that was going to visit the ozarks. They had a difficult time tracking where it would be for sure, but it was good that they prepared everyone-just in case.
     Late last night I could hear all the ice and sleet coming down for quite awhile-which brought back bad memories of the devastating ice storm we had here about 7 years ago now-took down most all of the electric poles in my county-and the breakage of huge tree limbs was so devastating back then-there are still many in the woods from that storm that have not yet come down.

    This morning once it got daylight-I see about 4" or less of snow-of course the ice is covered but I don't see it thick on the fence that is a good thing. a few miles south of us got the worse of the snow event-10" plus and still snowing, so we made out good-especially living so rural. We are to be bitter cold all week with another snow system coming over the weekend-This is our first winter weather of any sorts for the season so far, so I have nothing to complain about-especially after seeing photos of what is happening on the east coast-now that is snow to be concerned about.
    As most of you know, we live pretty primitive-our choosing, and we didn't get all the firewood in that we needed to last all winter. Hubby and a friend did get another truck load a week or so ago when we had warmer weather so we should have enough to go another month. For several days I brought up as much firewood as I could up near the house so we would have dry wood-and that should last us a week if conservative-so we are good on that for now. So all is good here-our deer visitors visit us each evening for their corn, and I keep the bird feeders full as well. sorry no photos, but my new camera battery should arrive this week sometime.

    Miss Jenny Ashley and I are getting along much better, I was able to get one of my bobbins to spin freely from the flyer, and along with figuring out how the tension works-was able to spin and have my yarn load on to the bobbin-finally-so that was a huge accomplishment for me-and my drafting is getting better too. I am really addicted to spinning-I love it-good thing I have lots of wool here that I can practice on. All this practice yarn will be perfect for my first saori weaving project-which I think will be table placemats, and/ or a couple long runners. 

   I have been in a time warp all weekend as I had dug out a bag of my hand carded churro wool that I hadn't worked with since the late 80s early 90s  At that time we were working so many hours in our exotic bird business, and my regular job was on forced overtime, that after adding up the time worked per day-16 hours a day-geesh no wonder I was so tired back then lol  
     But, anyways I had gotten as a gift from one of our customers in New Mexico at the time- two raw fleeces of churro wool-it was pretty dirty full of vegetation and dust etc-but I had sorted out what I thought was the choice wool areas and kept that seperate from the rest-and started in on cleaning-hand carding-and making into rolags for spinning. I was just too tired back then to grasp spinning-and now I found out that Miss Jenny Ashley was not put together quite right either.
     So I have been thinking about back then while spinning this up-I have the bag pretty much completed now except there was some cleaned wool that needed to be carded so I am doing that now. and these carders-sooo expensive now to purchase-were bought in the late 70s when I was living in Colorado. So good memories while spinning. It is amazing to me now how much time has gone by since the beginning of my weaving-spinning journey.  
   Back then I was trying to figure out how to store the rest of my churro wool so it would not get damaged and I could use it when I was ready. and I had read an article about a lady that used 5 gallon buckets with those tight sealing lids-sooo---I have 5 of those buckets to work with and I do still have a few bags of cleaned wool in a trunk that needs carding.
   The churro wool would actually make excellent warp yarn once I get my drafting down. The navajo churro was going extinct back then-but I think it is now having a come back with good breeding practices.

  This brings to me thinking again about what is most important for me now-and hands down it is learning more about spinning and more weaving, with just a little quilting thrown in. 
       I am going to start going through my reproduction civil war fabrics and selling those as I just don't have time to do those full size civil war quilts I always wanted to make. I do also love my 1830's fabrics so will be keeping those for now. If anyone is interested in the civil war fabrics send me an email. I can't show photos just yet. Thought I would offer them here first to my quilting readers and friends before I put them in my etsy shop.

      Have an awesome new week!!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

And My Winner Is

   Thank you all so much that stopped by for a visit from the Blog Party and entered my giveaway. 
   I chose the old fashioned way-as comments were made I wrote your name on a piece of paper and placed it into a vintage butter crock-then tossed them around every day til the drawing.
   and the winner is---- Maggie from Mag Rag congratulations!! 
    Maggie has a beautiful blog-so do stop by for a visit.

Brrrr it is really really cold here now but sunny-just finished feeding the wildlife and bringing in firewood for both stoves-so we are set til morning-weather people are still saying we are in the path for a winter snow storm-the worse of it looks more south of us and into Arkansas but we may still get up to 7"  won't know til we wake up tomorrow-lol
    Got all my chores done-so I am thinking of spinning by the woodstove.  
  Stay safe and warm everyone having winter too

Friday, February 13, 2015

Reminder-Tomorrow is the Last Day to Sign Up for My Giveaway

Just thought I would drop a note in case any of  you reading may have missed the big party and the giveaways.

My Grow Your Blog Party Post is here  visit there and comment to be entered into my drawing. and there is still time to visit the other blogs at the party too-many of which are also having giveaways. Just click on the party badge in the upper right hand column on my page here to see the party blog list.

We all will draw winners on February 15th so I would say most of us will be accepting comments on party posts til midnight on the 14th.

Good luck and have fun meeting new people.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

It's a Windy Cold Thursday & Catch Up

Find my Grow Your Blog Party Post Here

   If you haven't yet there is still time to enter drawings for giveaways and meet new friends at the party above.  After the 15th drawing date the list will remain up for the next year so always time to find and meet new friends at the party.
    This year I met some new fiber artists and quilters which are always an inspiration for me. 
    I counted up the comments for my giveaway on that post and I am up to around 85 in the drawing (amazing and thank you)-should I end up with closer to 100 entries I will draw two winners-so if you have not already please go to the above link and comment for a chance to win my handmade papers.
   I had two paper making days this week-Monday I made papers for the winners for my spinning wheel names, and Tuesday I made more papers for the blog party giveaway. They all turned out wonderful-but I am loving Tuesdays papers the best as I got loads of textures but much thinner papers-which is what I like to achieve. 

   I am more happy with my spinning on the drop spindle now. I do a little every evening, and really enjoy it. I had lots of raw churro that I had cleaned and carded and made into rolags that I am now spinning up. Now that I learned more about drawing out the fibers first I am getting a nicer yarn with my drop spindle. 
     I learned from Mona that my wheel on the spinning wheel and where the bobbin area is on my spinning wheel must line up exactly-which I did not know before, so my wheels need a little more adjustments and then more practice. As of yet I do not have the "hang" of it-even when I pinch the fiber the twist just goes out of control up all my roving-and the wheel is not even going that fast-so much learning  needed on using my spinning wheels.
     In the summer in a city near to us they have an alpaca fest with lots of classes. Most of the classes seem too pricey for me-but I am thinking of looking into their spinning class if I am still having troubles grasping my spinning wheel by then.
   I think it was my friend Gene that told me about Paradise Fibers last year-that place can be addictive lol  They have a point system that you can use for dollars off and allot of times they have fantastic sales and free shipping-so what's a girl to do?? Buy more stuff right??  Well I could not resist last week ordering another bag of wool roving-with the sale and my points it brought down the price really low. I still had points left after that, and they have free shipping this week, and I need threading hooks for my two wheels-so I went ahead and ordered those today. I had found some really pretty ones on Etsy that were handmade with beads but I opted for Kromnski's pretty turned wooden threaders-I love nice tools. I have now used up all my points so don't need to think about them expiring and I do have plenty of wool to spin and to hand dye so I am good for a bit-perhaps lol.

   We will finally have winter upon us and in full force soon. It was fairly warm yesterday morning so I brought up lots of firewood near the house. Today is blustery and in the 20s all day, but the next two days we will be in the high 40s-so a little break. Saturday old man winter arrives with bitter cold-Sunday Monday Tuesday will bring ice and snow. Too early to tell how much and especially how much ice. Looking at different weather sites online the predictions are all over the place so won't know for sure til it is upon us.
   I am thinking it will be very possible we could be snowed in by Tuesday-but time will tell. Sunday I will start filling up more vessels for water in case we lose that, and I will bring up more firewood too so we will have lots of dry wood. My 6 mini greenhouse jugs will get snow on top of them-cool! and I chose a good spot for them cause they are still standing even with all this wind we are having.

  For any of you that are also fiber artists, and/or enjoy learning all you can about natural hand dyeing, journaling and other fun things-please check my right sidebar as I started a list for very inspiring art-creativity blogs where I get really inspired and learn lots of new things. 
    Also,  I have shortened my blog list to 5 but at the bottom right corner of that list,  you can click to expand and see all-you are most welcome to browse my blog list too.

   Looks like I have written a book already-need to decide what I want to accomplish today-I really need to get my loom threaded and warp wound on-this project has sat far too long.
       Enjoy your Thursday!

Afternoon Update:  After spending a couple hours trying to figure out how to slide things over to align the band on the wheel properly-I finally gave in and asked hubby to help-turns out the instructions were written incorrectly and me never being good at figuring puzzles and things like this out, just was not grasping this-I should have put the instructions away and just looked at it better. lol live and learn. lol
     So now Miss Jenny Ashley is running so much better-a huge difference indeed-and after all these years too.
     Now 6 hours later-I have had moments where I was getting coordinated enough to spin yarn-the yarn would not feed on to the bobbin-geesh-so back online I go and tells me more tension-Today was progress-but not coming along as fast as I want to grasp this--hopefully tomorrow will be better

Monday, February 9, 2015

Good Morning Monday & My Girls-Spinning Wheels -Have Names

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  Happy Monday Everyone

           Mother Nature treated us with a fabulous weekend, so perfect that I almost felt guilty cause those of you on the east coast are still getting hammered with winter.  So if you don't want to know how lovely it was here-skip to the next paragraph-lol  We broke weather records in many Missouri areas with 75 on saturday and 70 on sunday here where I live. With plenty of sunshine as well. It was really windy for most of the weekend so I couldn't be out in that for too long-but I did enjoy a nice walk, gathered up more firewood to bring up to the house, and worked on few mini greenhouses in the plastic bottles.

    Most of the seeds I want to start are the tender annuals so will need to wait til end of March for those-but I did plant 6 bottles. I took a few photos of the process-but then my camera just quit, so since this camera is less than a year old hoping it is just the battery-and what a hunt for the battery that turned out to be. I was getting no where so I put the call out for help on my facebook page and after a few friends helped with the search I got messaged back that one of my friends finally found a battery and has one being mailed out to me-how awesome is that?? So right now I have no photos to share.
    I have tried for a couple years now to plant delphiniums in my garden from seed with no luck and I have not seen any plants for sale in the spring-so I bought a fresh pack of seeds and started some of those in the bottles, I also planted a bunching onion, cilantro, and milkweed. The milkweed seeds were a gift from my friend Carol. She plants them on her property for the monarch butterflies-so I would love to do that too.
   I am hoping to find more bottles as I don't have nearly enough-so far I really like the vinegar bottles because the plastic is more durable than the water bottles.

   I know;  you are all probably anxiously waiting for the names I have chosen for my "girls".
     I really want to thank you all so much for submitting name suggestions. I am so happy I decided to do this because the names were all perfect. This was a hard decision because I really loved all of your ideas. I first said the names out loud and decided if I liked the names that way first-so that was my first elimination. 
     Then I decided to look up the names and see what meanings they had and I found a site called Behind the Name-which in most cases gave the meaning of the names and/or the country origin. 
      So that was the next elimination. Then from the names I had left-which was very difficult-I decided. 
     (I decided on the name suggestions alone and not by who suggested the names-I went back and looked up who submitted the names-does that make sense lol) 
     I also love it that we have winners living in Europe, Canada, and the USA 

     I have chosen several winners:

For my Ashford Traveler I chose Jenny Ashley

     I really loved Loretta's thoughts on Jenny named after Spinning Jenny-the history here  The name Jenny is of English, Swedish, German, Dutch, and Spanish origin

    And I loved the name Ashley since my spinning wheel is made by Ashford. The name Ashley is an old English surname-so perfect.
     So the winners for this name are Loretta, Beate, Wendy, and Carole of Carolina Home.
     I do have mailing address's for Loretta and Beate, so Wendy and Carole please message me with your address

For my Vintage European I chose Lady Alice Adele

    I loved my friend Kimberli's suggestion of Lady Alice who was her ancestor that lived in Wales at Liantamum Abbey during the late 1600's early 1700's. The name Alice is from an old French name that was very popular in France and England during the 12th century. When I was searching online for a similiar looking spinning wheel I had found one from Wales that looked really close to mine.

   I chose Adele cause I loved the sound of this name and Adele is of German, English, Italian, and French origin.
    These two names covered allot of Europe.

   So the winners for this name are Kimberli, and MagnoliasTea.
    I do have the  mailing address for Kimberli. so MagnoliasTea please message me with your address.

All the winners will receive handmade papers by me-which I will be making today.

  Thanks so much to all of you that participated, I really enjoyed this process of finding names for my spinning wheels.

  Have an awesome week!

Friday, February 6, 2015

This event is now closed-thank yous to all of you-the decision was difficult----I Need Help Naming my Girls-Spinning Wheels That is & a Giveaway of Course

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    With Mona's help last night-I think I got this-at least my wheel is working and the string is not falling off any more lol and I will need allot of practice with the treadling-perhaps a little more tension adjustments. The wool yarn seems to twist up before I even have a chance to think about it-and twists up even below the pinch and the wheel is not really going all that fast-so practice and more learning ahead.

   This wheel just feels so good to use and I have just begun, the craftsmanship on this wheel is so superb-I love it.

   Now, I love my very first wheel I bought in '78 my Ashford Traveler too and I will be working and learning more on how to get pretty yarn on this one too.

   My drop spindle I am really loving allot-my yarn is much more even now-and I really love the simple process of this one. The bottom whorl is now my preference over the top whorl I have-as it seems to be balanced better and the spin stays a longer time too.

Soooo I was thinking this morning that my two wheels need names-I have been calling them she and her-so they need pretty girls names.
    Any ideas??  I will give out some handmade papers-to be made in the next day or two-for two winning names.

The first will be my Ashford Traveler

and the second will be my European Vintage which I think needs a European name. I asked my husband if he remembers any more from the sale-and said he thinks the owner might have said she bought it in Germany. But no matter she needs a "vintage" European name-if there is such a name lol

 I will choose the winners on Monday the 9th sometime. International entries most welcome.

(wow I just noticed from these photos how dusty the house has gotten-we have been having verycold temps here lately so that means running the wood stoves more and bringing in lots of firewood)

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Help With a Spinning Wheel

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  I put out this inquiry on Facebook, but thought I would put here too as I know some of my readers are spinners.

   One of the cool things my husband found for me at garage sale when we moved here was a spinning wheel.
   The lady he purchased it from said she bought it in Europe at an antique store-she wanted it for decor. She said the shipping was more costly than what she paid for it and in the shipping process the center spindle on the distaff got broken-so she was not too happy.

   I have searched online this morning but can not find anything that looks like mine in photos. I did find a newer made one by Kromski . they have allot of videos so those might help me.
     I did learn that this shape is the castle style, and this may have been a parlor spinning wheel-although the wheel is plain and not fancy carved.

    I have not seen a wheel with grooves for two drive bands before-so I need to know how both go on-I see the same set up near the bobbin like mine with just one groove. and is there a reason for two drive bands?
    I would also love to know the name of this or a site for learning how to set this one up-and learn what all the knobs are for-they look like tension knobs.

  I am cleaning her up this morning, so please ignore the dust. Also is this a good wheel for spinning silk? possibly cotton?
 Any help would be appreciated thanks.

Well she looks allot better now-wiped my wheel down with Murphy's soap in water, let dry, and then used Liquid Gold for wood. Some spots need another coat as the wood is really soaking up the love.
   Not sure if I have the band on right but will know once I start-I love the pedal mechanism so much better on this wheel-so smooth-allot of craftsmanship went into this piece-love it.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Thrill of Learning Something New

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    Isn't it exciting when you finally grasp something??  In the past before retirement I worked so many hours that I just didn't have the mental clarity to grasp spinning-or the time to devote to it.

    So last month along with digging out wool rovings and my drop spindles I also dug out my spinning wheel that I had bought back in '78  This was a kit-so I had stained the wood and put my wheel together back then and it has moved with me through the years.
    I spent about a week figuring out how my wheel works, what the knobs etc. were for-watched you tube videos, and finally found out about how to use the hooks on the sides of the bobbin, and then yesterday afternoon I worked more on the pedaling and just figuring out the process. I just about got it last night before I called it quits.  
     After doing my outside chores, I played more this morning-and although I definately have yarn that is thick and thin and over twisted in spots-we do have yarn!!  It  just suddenly happened-So happy dancing here lol

   Last year I purchased a couple pounds of wool roving to dye with and to hopefully spin-so I tore off a long piece of that and divided it down, as I am not really good at the drafting yet-doing that the yarn is coming together better now. I thought this would be easier to grasp then using my own carded rolags first.  
      and those videos make it look so easy to hold a big bunch of wool and get fine wool yarn from it-not happening that way yet-lol

  This is so addictive to me, just want to keep on spinning on.  

Miss Calico approves or rather she is just really

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Thinking About Spring and Gardening Today

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                                                             A Giveaway Too

   I am really thinking spring today-actually I am dreaming of spring's return, especially after reading many of your blogs with lovely blooms and flowers, and links to sowing seeds. And---we have sunshine and blue skies today-so pretty even though it is very cold here still.-no complaints as there is no snow or ice here in my area of the Ozarks

   So I shared some links on my facebook page but decided I want to share with you all too. Many of you gardeners may already being doing this-but this was new to me. I no longer have any place in my house here to grow my own veggie and herb seeds. I do have a very nice garden window above my kitchen sink-but this is not south facing so the times I have tried to grow my plants really did not work well.
   Last year a friend of ours offered to grow my seeds for me in his greenhouse when he planted his. I was really excited about this-bought my seeds and also seed starter soil-but in the end I was not real happy with my plants. Most were not hardy at all and too thin-and wrong labels on almost everything-so I decided not to do that again this year.
    I don't need allot of plants but I do like to have the heirlooms that I want to plant.

  I was very excited to go to a link that my friend Carol shared on her blog-about making mini greenhouses from gallon plastic water jugs, vinegar, or milk jugs. Depending on what you are growing-and no matter how cold it is or how much snow you get-you can think spring by starting annuals in January. Here is the link on how to make your own mini greenhouses, and Here is the link for the time table on which month to plant what. and the best part is you set your little greenhouses outdoors-I love that part, as most of us are really not set up to grow seeds properly indoors without allot of diy or expense.

photo taken from first how to link.

In the link for when to plant I am excited to try this method for my sweet peppers, tomatoes, and eggplants. I have a few herbs and flowers that would be nice to start too. I need to find more jugs and need to get the soil and the duct tape before I can start.  I use vinegar for my fabric softener so I do get these jugs-right now they are full of water in case the electric should go out.

I don't buy seed tapes, but for some things this would be nice to use instead of seeds when the seeds are very tiny. Here is a diy on how to make your own seed tape  how clever is this?? photo below from this link

Step 7: Roll it Up

   If you are pinterest you can really think spring by browsing all the gardening pins-lots more ideas on there

What nifty diy projects do you use for your garden??

Monday, February 2, 2015

Remember That Lovely Hand Dyed Yellow Wool Yarn??

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                       Good Morning-Happy Monday

      In    Yesterday's post  I shared links to 3 of my long time online friends and their blogs here on Blogger-please go and welcome them back to blogging. They had all stopped blogging a few years ago and realized they missed it-

      I also shared a video on how to put my handspun yarn onto my niddy noddy to make a skein, and a photo of my spun churro wool.  After learning how to do that, I decided to get out my beautiful yellow results on to the roving I purchased-Ashland Bay corrie cross.
       For the dye I had used mimosa leaves (gathered when tree was in bloom and dried), fresh marigold petals (no green at all) and fresh goldenrod flowers (no green at all) This was my best accomplishment yet on achieving a pretty yellow from natural dye materials.

   I still need lots of practice with my drop spindle so I decided to begin spinning this up yesterday. I divided the roving in half-then divided again-and once more-I am hoping to spin a finer yarn this time. 
    This is still rather thick yet-but is much more even than my first blue wool I did. I am really enjoying working with this lovely yarn  In the second photo-I could really see some bad thick spots-so I have since taken that apart and re did it.

(photos will enlarge)

   Still no wintry snow here but very very cold this morning and was over the weekend too-with lots of wind. 

  Enjoy your new week-and create something beautiful!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sharing Blogs From a Couple of Friends Please Stop by and Welcome Them & Update on my Niddy Noddy

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    Last year I gave in and went to Facebook. Mostly to keep in touch with long time blog friends (from yahoo 360 to Multiply to Blogster-Blogster- horrible) and also to work on getting my Etsy shop found.

  I have a couple friends now (had been mostly on Facebook) that have decided to return to blogging-yeah-they all had set up sites here but it has been a couple years now since they have been active. So they need to work through again the settings here and how this blog site works.

  My friends and I were used to the workings of Yahoo 360 and Multiply-we were so spoiled-those were excellent platforms-we had our blogs, our photo albums, an inbox right there on our sites so we knew easily when we had visitors, so commenting back was so easy. Those sites were also set up so we could write a blog specifically for certain friends-let me tell ya we all miss that so much.

  Anyways back to the present when Multiply got sold and the new owners got rid of our blogs-so sad-we were scattered all over the net. I had tried so many places and really did not like any of them-but I settled here cause many of my quilting and art friends came here and the last few years at Multiply was set up so we could cross post to here. So I had a presence here long before Multiply went under.

  However, meeting and communicating with friends was a new learning curve here and the workings to set up our blog are much more complicated than what we were used to especially for us seniors that never grew up with computers lol

  So, I have been telling my friends about Vicki's Blog Party going on right now-and an excellent time to visit the party list and find new friends.

Sooooo hopefully I didn't bore you all with the above lol let me introduce you to my friends.

Loretta at Forgetmenot525  lives in Scotland and is a photographer and an artist-a painter. She shares her art, her travels, gardening and other fun things.

Deb at The Chocolate Zen Garden  lives in North Carolina and shares about her gardening, shares awesome recipes, her chickens at chicken central, her grand goddesses and more.

Susan at Susan's Blog   lives in Arizona, and shares about her love for animals, travels, and more.

Please stop by their posts and welcome them back to our blogging community. 

Afternoon Update:
   While watching the kitten bowl on Hallmark Channel and now the puppy bowl on Animal Planet Channel I have been finishing up playing with my navaho churro wool-getting it spun up on my drop spindle.
    This yarn is definately thick artsy yarn, some of this I did about 10 years ago and this was wool that I carded and made into rolags probably 20 years ago-geesh how time marches on.
   After I watched a video with a navajo spinner using rolags I understand better how to draft this out-or stretch and thin out the wool to get a thinner yarn. I am sure this is all newbie stuff cause on most videos I have watched the wool is not drawn out and they are getting the right size yarn
    So I had found a bag full of this churro wool and wanted to spin it up on my spindle, and will use this with that blue homespun I did for my first saori free weaving piece sometime this year.
   I finished it up and was ready to make up a skein of yarn on my niddy noddy-well the diagram from that diy I shared just did not work for me. I am very slow at learning new things so visual is much better.
   I so appreciate all of you that teach us how to do something on You Tube. 
   I found this video and I got it now yeah

And here is my result-Miss Calico slept through the whole process lol


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