Thursday, January 29, 2015

Persimmon Bars and Niddy Noddys

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    This morning early I decided to bake up a batch of persimmon bars. My friend had brought me over a small bucket full of fresh wild persimmons last fall-so I made up the pulp and froze them in 1 cup containers-perfect for baking.

     I had made these back in November for our "deer camp" and all the guys just loved them. These bars are really delicious. I found the recipe here at allrecipes  
      What I changed: for the oil I used melted coconut oil, for the sugar I used half splenda and half coconut sugar, and I changed to gluten free flours and added 1/4 teaspoon of xanthia gum. for the spices I did not add salt and I used an apple pie spice blend from Penzey's Spices. To the glaze recipe I also added about 2 drops of lemon oil to enhance the lemon flavor.

Yesterday we got a break in the weather-mid 60s, so we went into the woods and got in more firewood- hopefully enough wood now til spring.  I wanted to share some of these bars with one of our friends that helped us get the wood in, so a nice surprise for him today. 

   I had posted a week or so ago that I decided to make my own niddy noddy's-a tool used to wind spun yarn on to that makes up into a skein and depending on the size of the niddy noddy you can then know how many yards of yarn you have.
      I like wood tools better than plastic so I used this pattern  to make two. To buy the copper pieces and oak dowels cost me $20.20 I had the glue on hand. To buy just one would have cost  me around $28.00 plus shipping-so I am happy with my diy project. The purchased ones would have been prettier and more streamlined but I like these now that I have them put together. I just glued all the pieces so waiting for them to dry now.

(click on photos to enlarge)

  We got really spoiled here in the ozarks-while the east coast was getting a winter storm we got spring temps-such a nice break, I even spent a few hours in the garden-adding in the compost I did not get to end of last fall. However, we are back to winter now for at least a week.

    I did get all the blue roving spun up on my drop spindle and very happy with my very first handspun yarn. I am really enjoying the process so far.

   If interested I also have a second giveaway going on at my seller's blog. I will draw two winners on January 31st for one fat 1/8th of my hand dye cotton for each winner. Just follow the instructions on that link.

Have an awesome weekend!


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