Monday, January 5, 2015

Just Chatting

  Brrrrr we are very cold here in the Ozarks-single digits this morning and more of the same for the rest of the week. When we get into temps below the 20's our home gets pretty chilly just heating with wood stoves at each end of the house. I wouldn't change that though-I just grab warm sweaters in the morning and a couple layers of socks til the house warms up again after waking up. However, we finally have another day of sunshine-I think we only had one or two days of sun in December, and I need sunshine-lol

    After lunch I bundled up & grabbed a bunch of firewood to get us through til morning, and also had started on a large soap order early this morning-got one dozen bars made so far.
     I also started back in typing in my late sister's poetry for her ebook.  One poem in particular I learned something new about her life today. I have read these poems before and have typed them from her handwriting already but thought of this one poem differently while typing it again just now.  
     As kids we grew up with many near misses of devastating tornadoes that came through Indiana, so before when I read this one poem I thought she was referring to those childhood years. But this time as I was typing it in-something just clicked that perhaps this was a recent life event. So I put in the date April 3, 1974 in noaa-and there it was--many devastating tornadoes where she was living at the time and also in several states. 
     Her poetry spoke to me today-I love that.

On another note, finally all the Christmas cookies and buckeyes are almost gone. I have been sharing these all December long with whom ever drops by and for the guys lunch-but as I walk by the cookie jar I grab a few every day too-so I will be glad when they are gone-all eaten. I don't have allot of sweets around usually-but this is always fun for the holidays for us. I do still have allot of fudge and dark chocolate bark but that can just stay in the freezer til closer to Valentines day

    Got one more quilt block embroidered-two more to do with the bears and cabin, and then I have 5 more to do with the canoe and fisherman. I may just split these up and make two quilts with them-I have plenty of fabric that needs to be used up.

    Oh and if you are on Craftsy (or want to join) and love to quilt-they are having a free class for a block of the month quilt with Jinny Beyer. If interested be sure to enroll in the class.

  Also if you haven't signed up already for the Grow your Blog event-be sure to click on the button (upper right hand column) and sign up on that post only-I believe sign up ends January 15th. I have participated in all of them so far-and a very fun way to enjoy a cold winter day-meeting new creative friends. I have met so many of you through this event. Last year over 500 blogs participated.

How are you keeping warm??



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