Thursday, January 15, 2015

It's Good to Spoil Ourselves Once in Awhile

  Last week when I was catching up on my blog reading, I came across Shroo's World post where she shared a gorgeous journal book from PaperBlanks. (this is the blog where I was inspired to make my own handmade journal) It was so lovely I wanted to see if they had notebooks or address books-so looking online for a source I found Love Notebooks  with all sorts of sizes.

   The Laurel Burch designs are always so lovely so was looking for those. At first I thought of a new address book which I really need-no I don't store numbers in a cell phone lol-and then I thought a mini lined notebook might be much nicer and more versatile too. 

  I also was looking for something that would be nice to use in the wool purse I want to make soon-last year I collected beads, vintage buttons and beads, wool, threads and such and want to hopefully be able to embroider an under ocean sea on my purse. I found the perfect little notebook and the perfect theme too in their mini lined notebooks.

It arrived today and I am sooo thrilled. I have never seen notebooks like this in person-living rural we don't have stores that would carry these-so I feel so special to own such a beautiful piece. 

It has a front magnetic closure, just inside a beautiful poem, and the back is gorgeous as well. This is called Ocean Song by Laurel Burch The paper is acid free from sustainable forest papers and the pages are stitched in

(Photos will enlarge)

I believe it is a good thing to spoil ourselves at times


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