Monday, January 12, 2015

I am Actually Sewing This Morning

I have not done any sewing for quilting in must be over a year now. Last year I was having too much fun exploring hand dyeing with natural materials, nature printing, paper making, and weaving.

Actually I haven't started any new quilts because of the problem for me in getting them quilted. I am too slow at hand quilting and in the past I have not had good success quilting with  my regular sewing machine-although I may attempt that once more. 

A few days ago I remembered I had two big stacks of pre cut 4" squares that an online quilt friend gifted me with over 8 years ago-or longer. So while watching the playoff football games Sunday I paired them up to make 4 patches-as best I could I worked at getting two lights and two darks into each block. I paired up 100 sets-so this morning I am at the sewing machine-chain piecing the pairs and then cutting them into the 4 block sets-so as not to get myself confused later-lol

In the photo you can see to the left a big stack, in the back one block put together, and a pile of sets. 

When I was pairing these up yesterday I wasn't real sure what they would make into-but as I woke up this morning the idea popped into my head-sew these up for the backing of the quilt I am going to put together with handspuns and those embroidered blocks. I love when ideas evolve like that.

We missed all the ice-thank goodness, ended up with rain and the temps so far are hovering just above the freeze temps-a very good thing for us being so rural.

When sewing up quilt blocks the time just flys by-so fast it amazes me-I am making the guys lunch and will get back to sewing after

Have an awesome creative Monday!

Oh and I just couldn't resist a big savings from Paradise Fibers-they are offering free shipping right now-and I browsed their bargain aisle and found a pound of white cheviot roving on sale-perfect for dyeing and for learning how to spin. Spinning is a must learn on my creativity list this year. This is also an awesome site for lots of yarns for crochet, knitting, weaving and more. 


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