Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Good Morning and a Giveaway

  I am still sewing away on my 4 inch squares.  I am discovering that these pre cuts were not that accurate, some larger some smaller, and many cut off grain. I caught the worse ones, but as I sewed them together these are going to be hard to square up unless I really cut them down in size, so I am going to just "wing" it today and see what happens.
   I am usually too much of a perfectionist and this is not that kind of quilt where it needs to be super perfect-its just a fun quilt using up fabrics I have already and in the end will be used by us and Miss Calico kitty-so I am not going to stress over this-a big accomplishment for me for sure-not to stress over non perfection.

  I wanted to share here that I am having a giveaway to share two fat 1/8's from a gradation dye series I did. So these are perfect for you quilters, sewers, and crafters. I want to share these with my followers and supporters-and mostly to promote my two business pages online-on Facebook and also here on Blogger. more information if interested here  on my blog business page.

  Happy dancing over the weather news-friday brings us some 50's  yeah I really need a warm up-as I have been cold for the most part this winter.

  Enjoy your day-and make some art or creativity.


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