Monday, December 29, 2014

Would you Like to Swap Handmade New Year's Cards? & Paper Update & Photos

 I am making handmade papers this morning so I can send out a few New Year's cards-those friends that I didn't send out a Christmas card to especially,
   If you enjoy making handmade cards (which do not need to be limited to paper) and would like to swap with me, I am thinking mail out date to be before the end of January 2015.
  If you would like to swap cards with me, I have a contact form in my right hand column here on my blog-just tell me you would like to and also send me your mailing address, and I will reply with  my mail address back to you.
    Thought this would be a nice way to start off the New Year.
  If you would like to we can show off our recieved handmade cards first week in February on our blogs.

Update 12-30-14

   I spent most of the day yesterday making paper. This time I was working on achieving thinner paper but still having lots of added textures-I needed to re do lots of papers over cause they weren't peeling off the plastic sheet in one piece, so the project took longer-but still fun.
      I did end up with 11 thinner sheets along with my first piece that was way too thick. I used the technique to pour over the mold and went back to dunking into the pulp-water instead. 
   I tried an experiment with the water too. I brewed up a pan full of strong black tea and threw in a few onion skins. My hope was that this would turn the paper a brownish color, and it did yeh! I will make the tea even stronger next time.  I loaded these papers with calendula petals and dried plant materials I had collected last month here in my woods.
    Today I will make another batch and use a deep blue tissue paper to hopefully get a blueish paper, using my own lavender buds and dried plant materials. Also throwing in handfuls of calendula petals and some glitter too. These should be really pretty.

Update 12-31-14

  The papers dried beautifully this morning-love them. I ended up with 23 pieces over two days. I loaded these with calendula petals and other dried botanicals. The blue pages also have a few lavender buds. and I am thrilled that I achieved brown paper with strong brewed tea water.
    I may post a few in my etsy shop


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