Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Today's Handmade Paper-and I Achieved a Pretty Light Green

I changed the wet towel underneath the papers to a dry towel and decided to take a photo.  The one piece of paper that is the lightest in color is almost dry now so that will be the color I believe. I am even more pleased with this batch.

I added to the recycled paper: green tissue paper, a little green silk noil, green and gold glitter, pine needles and dry pampas grass from my backyard, and dry onion skins-which I love in the paper.

Yesterday-my first try with paper making, I followed all the directions that came with the little kit. Today. and after emailing my friend Barbara up and back (aren't online friends just the best ever??) I changed things up a bit: made the pulp with less water, and on the last piece instead of dipping my mold into the water, I instead poured the pulp on to the mold-liked this last method the best when one needs to refresh the pulp especially; after making 3 to 4 sheets with the dip in the pulp technique. So things learned today-which I need to write down so I will remember next time lol

(photos will enlarge just click on them)


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