Saturday, December 27, 2014

Just Made an Awesome Winter Soup

The weather is changing over to winter all day today-from rain to snow to sleet-sooo I decided to make up a big pot of soup to use up the left over ham.

This is one of those made up soups and it tastes amazing!

Kathy's Creamed Winter Soup

I cut up the left over ham in little cubes, added those to a big pan.

Cut up a whole cauliflower head and simmered til very soft-then drained out some of the water (save the water) and blended til very creamy and smooth.

Add that to the big pan with the cubed ham.

Boil up a big pan of diced potatoes and simmer til just tender-add about half of the potatoes to the pot and drain out some of the water into the cauliflower water and blend for mashed potatoes.

Add the mashed potatoes, then add back in the reserved water as needed-I also added in about 1/8 cup of heavy cream but you can keep this dairy free by just using the reserved water.

I also added in a home canned jar of my trumpet mushrooms, and added lots of chives and a little black pepper-

Yes this soup is soooo delicious. Off to cut up some cheese, with crackers and some olives. Later



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