Friday, December 5, 2014

It Seems Spring is Here a Bit Early

  Mild temperatures and lots of rain has arrived. We can always use the rain here-so I'll take it over lots of snow or ice.
    I think I may finally be on the mends. Got some energy back yesterday-did several loads of laundry early, went food shopping, and when I got back did a few more loads of laundry. Did you watch the live performance of Peter Pan?? I thought it was excellent. I even dug out another embroidery block to work on while watching it last night.
     So have you started your holiday baking yet?  We don't do much for the holidays so I enjoy making up festive goodies. I give allot of it away, and store the rest in the freezer.
    This year I want to make several new recipes-I have been browsing the net and Pinterest for gluten free cookies and such. I have a link to my Pinterest boards on the left side panel if interested-I have been pinning some good ones. I found a shortbread cookie, stollen, buckeyes, and other gluten free cookies and treats. 
    One of Larry's childhood favorites that his Mom would make are the spritz cookies-I have tried to make these several times and just never could get the press to work. I will give it another go this week some time. 
   The gluten free or grain free recipes are actually allot healthier than "regular" sweets-but I still change up most of the butter to coconut oil, and use coconut sugar in place of brown sugar. I also use high protein flours when I can too.
    I am hoping my paper making supplies come in the mail today-I am anxious to do this. I did forget to find a sponge yesterday when I was in town, so need to look in my craft supplies to see if I have something that will work. I think I had purchased a natural sponge that should work.
   Still enjoying having Miss Calico as an indoor companion now-she loves to play, or just cuddle up next to us.

  Wow-I just noticed that  my visitor counter is approaching 200,000  (this is since around 2007) perhaps a giveaway coming up to celebrate

   Happy Friday


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