Friday, December 19, 2014

Clouds Clouds Go Away

  This month we have been blanketed with thick cloud cover-so the sun has been hidden for the most part, some days it finds a break in the clouds and peeks out for just a few minutes before being covered up again. The good thing about the clouds is probably that it has kept us warmer-above freezing still, so I like that.

  So those of you with families and close friends are you all ready for Christmas? Doesn't seem like it should be almost here already.
     I have invited our friend Mr L over for Christmas dinner this year, as his family is all scattered now or going elsewhere for the day-so that will be nice.
     Larry's apprentice has been here every day; now that it is winter so Larry is getting a bit caught up on all the work in his business. So for lunch I have been bringing out the cookies and chocolates for the guys to enjoy-Mr L stops by too-gets him out of the house for a bit. lol and I know he enjoys the companionship.

  I can understand now the loneliness that comes at this time of year when we get into our senior years. Unless you have lots of family nearby can be very depressing unless you work at it not being so.
     I try to enjoy the holidays a little more with festive foods.  If the sun peeks out before Christmas I will make up my peanut brittle, if not will just wait til January when we will need a pick me up. I have not made the cannolis yet, I think I will make those Christmas eve or the morning of Christmas. I haven't made cinnamon rolls in years and years so I have been searching for a gluten free version to make-don't those sound good?

   I enjoyed the paper making so much that I will be making more very soon. When I am not baking or cleaning house-I still have a room that needs a major make over-I have been back to hand embroidering some blocks that will go into a quilt. I had sent these to my Mom over a year ago as it was something she could still do at the time. So I am working on getting these finished up this winter and into a quilt that we can use.  At the time I had sent her two different ones-this one with a log cabin and bears, and another one with a man in a canoe. She finished most of one of the bear blocks and told me she didn't like that one-lol and told her not to worry-that this was to be fun. She did end up finishing 4 of the canoe blocks. She did a good job, this was just before her dementia got into the very advanced stage-so I think of her while working on these.
    I am someone that has never liked white in quilts-I prefer an off white or something else. Sooo, I have been thinking about when these embroidered blocks are finished to soak them in some warm water to remove the blue embroidery lines and then either tea-coffee or onion skin dye them-I think they will blend in nicer with the other fabrics in the quilt that way, and I will just like them better.

   I have weaving on my mind still, Plan is to get back to that in January and after the shawl I will be  making for a friend; I want to explore the saori method of weaving, and my big 45" loom is still asking me to get her set up--so glad I have projects waiting for me-and there is more eco printing and hand dyeing, and another on my to do list-is to learn to spin this winter.

  Oh and today is the last day to sign up for a bar of my chunky winter soap giveaway. I will choose a winner on the morning of the 20th-just like my facebook business page, or visit my blogger sellers blog to be entered-links on left side bar  (USA shipping addresses only this time-thanks)

    Enjoy your Christmas and Holidays everyone!


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