Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Cookies and Paper Making & Update Wednesday Morning

  Yesterday I converted my favorite gingerbread boys and girls to gluten free and baked those-the guys ate half of them already before I got them hid in the freezer-lol  This morning I did the same thing with my favorite white dough for cut outs and baked them up this morning. They both turned out so good-I decided not to frost the white cookies.
   Through the years I have collected many many cookie cutters, pottery cookie molds, and stamps for making cookies-makes baking so much more fun.
      The gingerbread was so good with the gluten free version that I am going to make up another half batch and roll the dough into balls and use my stamps.

I started baking really early this morning, so when finished decided to clear my extra table that I use in the kitchen of the baking ingredients and set up for paper making.

I am quite pleased with my first attempt-something I have not made before. I had an old Mary Jane Farm magazine that uses recycled paper so tore that up for paper making. I figured it would turn grey with all the ink on the pages and it did.  I also added in embroidery threads, marigold seeds, and red and yellow onion skins. I ended up with 7 sheets. The last 3 are much thinner cause it needed more pulp added but with supper time approaching needed to just finish up. I will definately do this again playing with other paper and add ins. Once they dry hoping to use them to send out some Christmas notes this year.

The first photo shows a sheet just out of the water. The next photo shows a screen on top and a big sponge to remove more water. The next two are finished pieces. 
   I wasn't real happy with  my new blender I bought for this project. I have not been able to locate a used one so needed to buy one. Bought the Oster with glass container but I see it does not blend up the paper real well-so will do that process a little different next time. Less water than what the instructions suggest and smaller paper pieces.
    I also had forgotten to pick up a small sponge when I bought the blender and then remembered we had several of these big sponges for laying tile with-so I actually like this much better-nice and big and thick and picks up allot of water.

All photos will enlarge just click on them

Wednesday morning update:  wow when I got up this morning early I found that my papers are now dry except for the first few that were thicker. I love the color now much better-allot lighter.


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