Sunday, December 28, 2014

A ReCap of my 2014

   I shared my gluten free flour mixes, upside down pineapple cake-a huge hit with the guys, Vicki's Grow Your Blog Party, chocolate popcorn recipe-another favorite recipe, gathering of vintage buttons and beads for an applique project, new soap offerings and how to repurpose those soap slivers, and wintry weather and wildlife visitors in view out our living room window



   I tried hexies for the first time and made a set of coasters, that was as far as I got on those this year-I had wanted to begin a hexie civil war quilt which I may still do, I began to hand quilt a small lap quilt in remembrance of Mom before her dementia.  this month was also special meeting new friends-especially Val and Karen both quilters who both sent me quilty gifts. thank you so much again. I also got much inspiration from new friends met through the grow your blog party.


  This March I completed the remembrance quilt and sent it to my brother for a gift. I also was getting inspired to make my first art journal

    I shared blueberry upside down cake-yum, lots of photos of my hike in Ha Ha Tonka State Park, a geese pair decided to "hang out" on our property, I made my first batch of violet leaf balm-which I just love-I had given it all away as samples this month, shared new offerings for my shop, and the recipe for violet jam-soo good-I love spring. I got serious about weaving again, and I started my art journal and I went to a quilt gathering this month too. I also started working in my veggie garden space.



    I made some things with fresh herbs, gluten free pizza-a new recipe, I held a drawing for our geese pair that stayed to start a family-the winning names were Sir John and Izzy, I got lots more completed in my art journal this month, and the little ones hatched-I was not able to get many photos, and by May we had lots and lots of hummingbirds that had returned-we had a record number this year. Mr L showed me goldenseal on my property this month. I dyed a beautiful silk blouse with red onion skins-which is still in my shop, I harvested spring veggies from my garden and I finally got a new computer-that was a biggy for sure. This was a very active month.

 Handmade paper photo 007-2.jpg


   More weaving this month, working in the garden, started using my art journal to enter hand dyed samples and information. I hand dyed wool with mint leaves. worked on finishing a fiber art piece with bears, finally mastered adding spa salts to my soap bars-that was a big deal for me lol, I made a liner for hubbys little cart-that turned out awesome, I cleaned some organic cotton off the seeds from several years ago, and other little craft projects

  This month I finished my handwoven shrug, did allot of gardening and canning and freezing the harvest began I shared lots of veggie and flower photos 

    I finished my fiber art piece this month, more preserving of foods, shared lemon meringue pie, peach upside down cake, I swapped for a pretty bracelet, shared my tomato soup recipe for canning-which is sooo delicious and will do again and I started a sellers blog here on blogger this month


    I did allot of canning this month, and I mastered allot of natural dyeing this month-especially proud of my pokeberry results, and finally a gorgeous yellow on wool. this month I learned about saori weaving-thanks Gene Around this time I did several more swaps for beautiful handmade items for mine.


   I joined in on the World Blog Hog, started thinking more about what to do with my etsy shop, and beautiful fall colors this month, we had a gorgeous warm month too. My biggest accomplishment this month was learning about nature printing-thanks to a group on facebook-I want to pursue this much more in 2015, lots more mushroom canning, and a cool visitor outside our window


    Not much posted this month, I made us Thanksgiving dinner-we always enjoy the left overs the most-lol 
    I also reconnected with a long time friend and started typing up my late sister's poetry so I can publish her works as an ebook.

    This month I learned to make paper-whooo hooo my very first batch; was a learning curve but all the papers turned out nice enough to use-they were grey, my second batch turned out a pretty green-my background photo here, I also decided to just bake Christmas goodies all month long and that is what I did.
      I  made lots of new recipes too,gluten free spritz and pizzelles, stollen and converted some of my favorites to gluten free. Made buckeyes for the first time-guys loved those, made quality dark chocolate bark and 5 pounds of our favorite fudge-I keep it all in the freezer so will last a very long time-treats in the freezer-love that.
     I made a new winter soap bar, and started on hand embroidering quilt blocks that my Mom was working on over a year ago now.
    We will be going over to our neighbor friend Mr L's for his yearly  New Year's Eve shrimp boil fest  good eats for sure as everyone brings the sides.


Happy 2015 everyone! May it be happy and a creative one-to learn new things.


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