Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Gloomy Looking Day but Then Not too Bad Really

  Looks like winter outdoors-but no snow, ice has melted but it's damp and cold.

  Yesterday morning I made a chocolate gingerbread gluten free loaf from Karina's site-wow it was so delicious. 
     Did I tell you that I bought me a pizzelle press?  I want to try out a recipe this week-looks fun, and Larry loves cannollis. I found a few gluten free recipes so will try those first.

   Still not getting myself going on a bigger project like I want to, so I have been taking the time to read. I am reading a Nicholas Sparks book Three Weeks with my Brother. It is an older book, at the time it came out  my Mom had raved about the book so I searched it out. It is put together really well-a three week travel trip with the author's brother and mixed in a story about his childhood-a real eye opener on how he was raised. I am also learning about places I didn't know about that he visited-so a good read.

   I may not have mentioned it here before, but a couple years ago I decided to go through my late sister's poetry and put them in ebook form and copyright them for her. She was killed in a car accident just a year after graduating college back in the 70s. She was my best friend ever. I was going through a tough time and she had moved to Denver Colorado so I decided to move out there with her. We were able to reconnect again for a year. During that time she mentioned several times that she wanted to be a published author. I have been wanting to do this for her, but didn't know how to go about it. I have decided on an ebook with Amazon kindle. Back on Multiply blog days, I met an artist Ramya and she painted a piece for the cover. So things are starting to come together now.

  My weaving has also been calling to me-but I have to be in the right mood for the threading as it is rather tedious.
      I also just bought online a little kit for paper making. Something I have always wanted to do but the basic equipment was just too costly that I had seen. My friend Barbara at Pineland's Treasures sent me a link for a medium size paper making kit that is really a nice size for notecards, and was affordable for me. So I went ahead and ordered it. Over the summer I had just thrown out a huge bag full of recycled papers that I had been saving.-see that's why I don't go through my craft room and throw things out. lol The bag was all papers that were recycled papers too. Oh well.  I only send out a very few Christmas cards so I may just make cards this year with my own paper-how fun is that? Will keep you posted on this comes out.

   I finally got  my counter to work here on my page. I changed free counters and still wouldn't work, and then I ran into a tutorial that said I needed to now click on something in the gadget. so  I got it back to working. I have kept the visitors count going since Yahoo 360 days so was pleased to get it going again.

   Also, I just ran into 2 Bags Full blog and Vicki is hosting the Grow Your Blog party again this year. This is always allot of fun. Almost was not going to participate this year-but I get inspired with all the talent out there in blogland.  I have met most of my closest friends here at the party.

  How is your week going so far?


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