Sunday, November 23, 2014

Surprise Sir John and His Family Just Stopped By (no photos yet)

  It has been gloomy here, hubby and I are both fighting off pneumonia (Larry) and bad sinus (me), plus some family stuff I am not happy about-so I really  needed something to brighten my day

  I look out the window while washing up some kitchen dishes-and wow could not believe my eyes-Sir John & Izzy and their 3 offspring, are hanging out by the feeder and stump just outside the bay window. How cool is that?? 

 We have not seen them since mid summer, when the youngsters were almost full grown but still no feathers. We really figured they had flown off for the winter by now. Many Canada Geese do over winter here though.

  They went right to the spots where I put out the cracked corn-and there was none out there do to deer hunting season. So I quick grabbed some shoes, and went out to scatter some corn. I showed Sir John that I had corn so they would stick around-put it around the stump while they watched me, and then also put corn out back by the tree line where I also put corn. The family went back to the tree line, so I couldn't get a photo.
  They are still here, just all sitting down now lol


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