Saturday, November 29, 2014

It's Saturday and a Little Catch Up

Good morning all,  We have sunshine and warm weather today-so hoping we can get out and bring in some firewood.

We have ice coming in on Monday, so would like to get a little more wood in. 

I am still "under the weather"  fighting congestion, sinus, and now larengitis.  I quit taking my herbal teas and tincture for a few days and today I am starting back on them. I don't have a fever, but I do feel really run down, so am taking it easy-as best I can. lol  I do have a bottle of oil of oregano capsules that I may start to take this coming week, last time I used it it made me really sick, so have been hesitant to try it again-I have learned must have food with it-so I will take it after supper if I do decide to take it.

I am not one to get "colds" like this, and we did get our flu shots and pneumonia shots earlier, so thinking I got this from hubby when he was so sick. He is doing pretty good now.

I made me an awesome pie for Thanksgiving made with butternut squash that I loved better than the standard pumpkin pie. To make the crust gluten free I made an english walnut crust with a little gf flour, ground walnuts and coconut oil-turned out really good. I also made gluten free butternut squash dinner rolls that I was really pleased with too. 
     I made Larry an apple-fresh cranberry pie, and we love my homemade cranberry relish. This year I used hand harvested cranberries from northern Wisconsin that my friend brought me, added in blueberries, orange zest and some mandarin oranges. My turkey was good but not awesome this year.

   I have not worked on any of my crafts for awhile now-so ya know I am not my "old self" at the moment.  I need to get my loom threaded and ready to weave, and I always have other things in the works as well. hoping soon 

Just a reminder for all you shoppers-Today is support small business day-so please shop at your local small businness's or support small business online too.

Happy Weekend!


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