Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How Has Everyone Been? Anyone Snowed in??

 It has been quite a wintry November so far for allot of us. 

    We did end up with 3- 4 inches of snow here, along with bitter cold temps, but a little warm up begins today-should reach the 40s-and wow heat wave over the weekend with near 60s but that brings lots of rain. The snow views are gorgeous here in the woods.

  With Monday being very bitter with strong winds the rest of our guests from deer camp returned home a day early. The house always seems extremely quiet and empty once everyone has left. Always good times with friends and always good eats. My Friday feast was a success-and I ended up making way too much food-so my two pies mostly did not get eaten, didn't need the extra ham I cooked on the grill so that went right into the freezer. I also didn't make all the dishes I had planned as I realized it would be too much food in the end.

   Larry ended up getting pretty sick, just before dark he went out to help a friend bring in his deer from the woods-and ended up with pneumonia pretty fast-it was in the low teens for tempertures. I had some left over antibiotics to put him on. I have been struggling a bit too figuring it was asthma but I think I have something else going on. So for me I have been drinking mullein and sage tea. If we are both not getting better by end of this week, then a trip to the doctor for a check up will be in order.

    I splurged and bought myself a pizzelle press last week. Something I have always wanted and since I found a few gluten free versions of cannoli decided to get one. The press makes a little bit smaller cookies than I had thought, but it will work out fine. I want to make me gluten free ice cream cones too. So that will be fun to play with soon Last night while watching the Voice, I went through some of my cookbooks and found some recipes for the both of us.

   It has been a stressful month for me figuring out our health care supplemental insurance. Do to the changes in the Obamacare law I lost my group insurance, our drug plan, vision, dental-everything. I spent allot of time researching plans and talking to the companies-really don't know how we are going to absorb the more than double costs-especially the drug plan-what an eye opener that was. So much for all this President's promises of being able to keep what you have. sorry for the political comments but I am very upset with him-more so than ever now that this is a reality come January 1st

  So how is the weather where you live?? I see the east coast is just getting hammered with 6 feet plus of snow-that's unreal-for sure.

  Those of you in the States-are you ready for the Thanksgiving holiday?? I am deciding if I want to make a turkey this year-perhaps I will make something different.

   I have been doing a couple more swaps with friends here for my soap products or hand dyed fabrics-and am really enjoying that. thanks again to the both of you.

enjoy your wednesday



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