Monday, November 10, 2014

Good Morning

  Sorry, it has been awhile again since posting, and I am also working on visiting your pages more.  Seems my spare time for the computer has been more on my facebook-reading my groups posts mostly. Such creative talent around the world-so inspiring for me. Always learning new things for my hand dyeing.

   I am almost finished getting ready for deer camp beginning this friday-and we just got a call that one friend is coming in tomorrow so he can bow hunt for a week. soooo I will be hustling around this morning to get everything finished up except for scrubbing the floors. It will be a fun week ahead seeing our friends again-but I think it will be a long one too. 

   Is the arctic blast coming to visit you this week? Brrrrr very very wintry weather coming in here wednesday and dropping each day-snow for opening deer season. Just not ready for low teens just yet-but that's mother nature for ya.

  I have also been on Pinterest a little more than usual looking for recipes that are new to me. I found a couple fudge recipes and also a pineapple souffe that will go perfectly with my ham dinner friday nite.

  Hope this finds you my readers well and ready as the seasons change.



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