Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Thinking About a Swap

  Good morning,  I was reading a few blogs this morning-t storms here have finally moved on, and was reading about a little Christmas Swap taking place in Europe.

  Remember the art swaps we did in the past? I really enjoyed that allot but the price to ship overseas from the US has really gotten extravagant and just too expensive now-at least for me on a limited income. 
   So I was thinking of swapping handmade cards, or an atc. with international and swapping here in the states we could go with handmade cards, atc, or something handmade that is small and light.

    This is a little Christmas spirit for me, as we have no family to speak of and it is just fun for me to open mail and to enjoy making something for you too-my friends in my computer.

   I want us to have lots of time with all the holidays coming up so if interested sign up cut off date is October 31st, and mail out date by December 5th at the latest.  The cards can be an autumn, Thanksgiving theme or Christmas up to you. So if you have a busy time beginning with Thanksgiving-just make and mail early. Or does not have to be a holiday theme-what ever your creative muse inspires you to make.

  Just to be clear-this is a one to one swap with me-if there should be allot of interest this time I will set up swap partners-so this is with one partner one swap


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