Friday, October 17, 2014

Surprise-More Mushrooms to Can-Hen of the Woods

  Mr L dropped by this morning all excited-he found a 20 pound hen of the woods mushroom. So I have been busy busy with this project today-soaked in salt water, cleaned, cut up to size for canning-soaked again in salt water, and just now started the first batch in the steamer-this will be an hour or two just getting all this steamed; 20 minutes per batch but I do have two steamers with two sections each-a large and a small one so that helps allot
   I am hoping I have enough canning lids left not sure how many 1/2 pints this will be -thinking close to 35-40 jars, this is another mushroom that the conditions need to be right-and we have the perfect enviroment for the wild mushrooms to grow this fall.-love that
   We love this mushroom on homemade pizza too or in any recipe that calls for mushrooms-these are very meaty and mild-good tasting.

Photos will enlarge


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