Thursday, October 30, 2014

Super Star Quilts Magazine by Better Homes and Gardens-Passing Along

  Find a link to this new magazine here  I just got it in the mail today-a beautiful magazine with lots of patterns.

   I am on the survey panel for Better Homes and Gardens-and they surprise me a couple of times a year with a free magazine. This one is another wonderful magazine but I don't like star patterns-I love stars-but not in quilts I guess-lol   
   I would like to pass this along for the price of shipping-I can't afford the shipping right now-this needs to go priority since it is over the first class weight and can not go media mail do to the ads. I think $5.00 should cover the shipping costs in the USA. I would consider Canada and international but need to figure the shipping costs.
    The magazine sells for $12.99  and this is a brand new magazine.

    send me an email if interested-first person requesting gets the magazine-I will wait a week for the shipping costs and then pass on to the next person.


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