Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Still Gorgeous Weather Here-long catch up

 We are having an amazing October here in the ozarks-and the leaves are more gorgeous than normal do to lack of the usual rain that knocks them all off the trees-so loving that.

  What is worrisome to me-still no firewood-none except what I stacked up near the house-that's it. As you get older all of your equipment gets older right along with ya-so we were in need of new batteries for the dozer-which knocks down the trees, another battery for the flat bed one ton which carries the wood, and the log splitter-which I still don't think is running-all those batteries cost allot of money-lol  We also had chain saw problems too, but I think he may have two running now. We also have skid stears still down, and the mower is all busted up now since last summer, we were lucky on that score though a neighbor did a cutting for us in september-so it would be nicer for deer camp.
      Even without having outside animals-chickens, livestock etc. there is still much to be done when living rural. I love it though and hope we can figure out how to stay here as we get much older-don't like city living at all.

   This weekend we are to be in the 80s-imagine that? Love it though as I have yard work still that I am working on getting caught up on-to make spring gardening easier for me. We got more compost in so working on putting a thick layer down on the garden-and working on clearing the weeds just outside my garden fence and putting compost there too-I want to plant some dye plants for me to work with, and wild flowers there for the birds and honey bees Something I did not get to this spring. That area has really bad wild grasses and weeds that has been difficult to get rid of, even after spraying weed killer on it twice this year-which I don't like to use unless I just have to. I am thinking I will find me some black plastic to lay over this til spring and see if that helps kill the weeds off
       My pineapple sage is amazing this year-I have never had one get as big as a tall bush and covered with flowers. I don't think it will winter over-but if it does I will dig it up and replant outside of the garden so it gets full sun and does not take up so much space. I even spotted full size tomato plants that grew from seeds, and the one sweet pepper plant that is left is blooming now. I did plant a little salad greens in one of the raised beds up by the house so we can have fresh salad greens-and amazing to me I left all the pole beans up in the garden and when I was putting out compost I checked and they were loaded with beans-I ended up filling a 5 gallon bucket full-that was pretty special for this time of year.

  On the creativity side-I am pleased with my eco printed blouse after it dried-it did fade to a softer print. Now to let it sit a bit on a hanger-then I will press, and wash it. My scarf was a disappointment-I didn't want to use the iron solution on the leaves for most of the leaves on that piece-and most did not transfer-so I will just re do it later on and see what happens.
    I still do not have the new warp on the loom-will be making a shawl from alpaca for a long time blog friend-a good winter project after deer camp. I am also determined this winter to get my big loom set up too-I really would love to weave us some bath towels first on that.
     I did bring out the embroidery the other evening while watching the Royals play. I had sent my Mom a little over a year ago some embroidery blocks that I will put into a quilt for us. Before her alzheimers advanced to the really bad stage-She had gotten a couple finished, and I just finished the other piece she had started-and I started a new block. Thought I would sew up a Turning 20 pattern quilt with these blocks-I have lots of homespun fabrics that need to get used up. This will make into a cozy woodsy quilt. I am working down my better quality quilt fabrics and selling off most of my quilt books too-I have decided there is no reason to keep them around-as I am getting more involved in weaving and natural dyes. I have been doing better selling my books on Amazon than I was on ebay or etsy-they take a bigger cut but at least I am finding homes for these now.  I still need to decide about my most favorite fabrics my 1800s that I have allot of. Don't want to be hasty in selling them, but not sure I can hand quilt a queen size quilt any more-I will decided this winter about that.

    For Deer camp mid November I had planned on making a seafood gumbo for Friday nite-but I have now decided to change that to a huge spiral ham with lots of fun veggie sides-allot less costly in the end and I won't need to be concerned about the timing of the gumbo for serving. (no one wants over cooked seafood) I have been on Pinterest looking for new veggie ideas.

    Well I have written a book I see lol but this is pretty much my catch up-if you didn't see my post about swapping art cards or small art pieces and would like to do that with me go here and sign up-all the details are listed on that blog post-international included. I think I only have 3 that have signed up so far.

  Go have an awesome week!


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