Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I Believe Fall Has Arrived

  We finally are making the switch into Autumn-no more mid 80s but rather mid 60s, some rain and falling leaves. Tonight and through Saturday evening we will be getting our freeze.  So I think I will cover up my impatients so I can enjoy them a little longer.

   Here is a link to my seller's blog  where I just posted about upcoming Christmas sales and phasing out my Etsy shop and only selling on my seller's blog. I am not selling hardly anything on Etsy, so have decided to take the plunge and quit listing there. A hard decision for me cause I really liked my shop but if I am not selling than I need to bite the bullet and close down. Everything I sell that is in my shop-by end of January will be on my seller's blog-I will also post items for sale on my sellers facebook page 

  We are getting some wood split and stacked-we did enough today to load up the flatbed truck-I just need to unload and stack. We are working with some huge-really huge rounds so we can only both work for about an hour a day. But I am seeing progress lol

  I decided to totally re arrange some things in the house. We are into the mountain man era, and Larry had handmade many items for his persona-Little Hawk. So I set up a display in one room so we could enjoy the pieces-but calico kitty refuses to stay out of it. Soooo I decided to make a huge change and set up the display in the living room corner on the other side of the wood stove-my desk is on the opposite side near the wood stove. Kitty is usually not in the living room, and I just set up a liter box for her-now that it will be getting colder-if she behaves she can sleep inside at night. We have had her for at least 12 years, and back then we could tell she was a house kitty-most of the time she is really good and tells us she wants outdoors-but sometimes not-lol so hoping this works out.

   Have you been watching the world series-I am loving the KC Royals so they are my baseball team now. I find them very fun and exciting to watch. Hope the can pull out a win tonight-as I am sure the Giants have rested up their top pitchers for tonight.

    Off to pick some salad greens for supper tonight.


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