Thursday, October 9, 2014

Happy Thursday & in the Dye Pot Today & Catch Up

  This may be our last 80 degree day for the season-has been nice for me as I have been gathering up more natural items for the dye pot. I have a pretty good box full of leaves now that are being weighted down. I am waiting for more color though that I can reach in the trees-most of the colors are still up on top of the trees.

   We had another batch of goldenrod bloom with the warmer weather so I decided to collect some of the flowers again, add mimosa leaves and marigold flowers to hopefully get a really pretty yellow. I was planning on dyeing alpaca fibers for felting projects and to sell-but I didn't realize it was so dirty with dried vegetation matter and put it in the soap water-what a mess I have on my hands now-so this morning I took it out to dry and hopefully I can get the veggie matter out better when dry. I should have known better to go through it first-I had gotten a really good price from a seller on Etsy for 2nds and unwashed.

  Soooo I weighed out some white wool roving that I had purchased this summer and will dye that first. In another mordant bath I have a silk-wool scarf that I forgot I had and added a couple pieces of scrap white wool fabric. So I am thinking the roving will go in the dye pot first-pull that out as soon as I see yellow, and add the other pieces in. The scarf and wool fabric will be fine if not the yellow, actually depending on the color I get for those I may just add in some yellow onion skins to the pot.

   The silk scarf I will try my first project imprinting leaves and see what happens-soooo-- fun in the dye pot today. I am anxious to try the imprinting-I may even add some silk tie pieces to it not sure though since the scarf has wool in it too.

   I am kinda stiff and sore today-washed allot of the house windows on the outside yesterday, washed up all the hummingbird feeders too, and the day before brought up some wood for the rack by the house-we are sooooo late in getting our wood in this year-trouble with chain saws not running, flat tire on the log splitter, and I don't think hubby is really up to the task this year-I have suggested looking for some help-we have no back up heat here so we gotta get the wood in-it will happen-just getting anxious about it now-we have rain coming in through to next tuesday so the season will only get colder etc.

    I finished reading Nicholas Sparks latest novel the Longest Ride-excellent as always. I just ordered one of his older books the Guardian which sounded really good. really all of his books are excellent and about half of them have been in the movies. I re read the Best of Me which has been re released and will be a movie. That was the first book of his that I had read. That one is a tear jerker, I usually read his books in one or two days-can't put it down-and gotta know what happens-lol Glad I re read the Best of Me cause I had read the end chapters so fast the first time, that I missed something that came up within the book from the beginning. I don't take the time to do allot of reading but I am working on getting all of his books read.

I don't usually watch baseball but both of the Missouri teams are in. I am having fun with everyone else here cheering on the Royals. First in 29 years that they have made it so far-and the sweep of the Angels was epic.

I am cleaning house too-kinda slow at that and deer camp will be here before I know it-mid November so busy busy here in my woods

So how have you all been? 


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