Saturday, October 4, 2014

A Little Show and Tell from Recent Swaps, Mail Surprises and Tea Cup Exchange (Updated October 23rd)

I thought I would share my latest swaps for beautiful items in exchange for items from my Etsy shop. (click to enlarge photos)

Isn't this piece just lovely? I really enjoy wearing this very much. I am sorry I misplaced my notes to tell you the name of the stones, and there are fresh water pearls too. The jewelry artist is Jackie at Kydo Jewellery. I traded a vintage piece of lavender suede.

The above pieces were a surprise from my long time blog friend Deb the Gardener-who is now mostly on facebook and rarely blogs. We have been sending along little surprises in the mail to each other for several years now. Deb recently went to Peru and sent me skeins of beautiful alpaca yarn. I decided to surprise her back and weave her a shawl with the yarn-but needed a little more. So in the box with the rest of the alpaca yarn my friend sent along lots of little goodies, among them this fun jewelry. Deb is getting back to making jewelry pieces again

 don't ya just love surprises?? I love surprises in the mail especially.

These next pieces are wet felted from my friend Barbara at Pinelands Treasures  I wanted a close up of her pretty little felted bowl so it got a little out of focus on me.I traded the bowl for my limited edition herbal sore muscles balm. The little dreamer was a surprise.
      I have not tried wet felting yet-and I just admire all that Barb creates. I have them sitting on top of crocheted pieces that were a surprise gift from my friend Tammy at T's Daily Treasures this past summer. These are all sitting on my desk so I can enjoy them while working at my computer.

And lastly just for fun I decided to join a tea cup exchange-at Stephanie's  The Enchanted Rose.  I just got my package in the mail today and I was so pleased-She double wrapped everything in cotton quilt batting left overs-but plenty big enough for me to use in a project. She made that little fabric piece and filled it with teas. Sent along a nice note and a postcard of a spinner-everything was totally color coordinated as well-including the pink tape on the outside of the box-and I love this cup-it's big and I love the colors too-along with drinking tea, I think this cup will be perfect for a cup of hot cocoa too.
    I didn't think about taking photos of what I had mailed out to my swap partner-a different person than whom I received from. I mailed out a beautiful vintage tea cup from Japan, along with several teas-hope she enjoyed.

I am blessed to have such wonderful friends online

Thank yous to all of you with big Hugs.


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