Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Couple Photos from my "Backyard" Especially for Friend Mitch

     I grabbed the camera and went for a little walk around the house-did not go into the woods cause it is pretty chilly right now. Rain all around us but not here so we will be cloudy today.

  I have to say just for fun: Go KC Royals awesome game last nite.

Most of our oaks don't give pretty colors they usually go right to brown, but this year some yellows and a little red is peaking through before the brown. Also the brown leaves stay on the trees til spring when the new leaves push them off-never knew that til we moved here.

We do have two maple trees near the house that give pretty colors, and the poison ivy on the trees gives beautiful yellows to reds. Reds from sumac, and I am loving our sweetgum tree more now-since it does a great job printing onto cloth.

The oaks are loaded-really loaded with acorns this year-so that tells me this could be a cold winter.

I took a couple photos looking through the garden fence-my beautiful pineapple sage and the nasturums are doing better now than they did in all summer

No sign of our Canada Goose family since mid summer-hoping we will see them again nest spring. all photos will enlarge

We seem to usually get our first hard frost around October 16th but so far no frost here-not even a light one. So my impatients are still looking lovely.


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