Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Bit of a Catch Up Before the T Storms Hit

Good Morning Thursday  

   I have not posted much lately as I have been canning up mushrooms, making apple juice and sauce to can-and I had been dyeing lots of yarn and fibers too. We ended up with lots of canned mushrooms-yeah.

  I have also swapped again with a couple other blog friend-artists that I will share soon with photos.

  Also I am excited to have found some very cool groups on facebook-another reason I wanted to be on there. I have found a couple natural dye groups, saori weaving-great inspiration there, gluten free recipe sharing, wet felting-which I have yet to try and my latest that I am really excited about is Nature Printing.  
    Amazing results using nature's leaves and flowers to imprint on to fabric or watercolor papers with different techniques and natural dyes. I joined this group just in time as I learned late summer early fall is the time to collect leaves-as all the dye that is in the plant will go into the leaves before it drops. 

  So I have been out in my woods for a few days gathering leaves that I am pressing flat inside a big cardboard box-so more fun adventures in the dye pot this winter.

  Can you believe we were almost at 90 degrees here in the Ozarks yesterday? That is pretty warm for this time of year. Today my area will be getting the big T storms with lots of rain that will be coming through soon. Behind it brings a cold front that will drop us 20 degrees-normal though for this area-that does bring along the threat of bad storms. I will be turning off all the electronics soon. and unplugging my computer from the wall as well-lol don't want a repeat of a fried computer and printer again

  Have an awesome-and creative day.  What you all been up to??


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